Adrafinil Dosage Guide: How Much and When to Take

adrafinil dosage guide

Want to find out the best Adrafinil dosage to use on a daily basis? Adrafinil is considered a Eugeroic supplement, often deemed a nootropic and stimulant. Students and people who work overnight hours use it to increase their energy levels and attention span (cognitive abilities). Click here to buy Adrafinil online.

First seen in Europe, the drug heavily prescribed to help people stay awake or who have sleep illnesses – narcolepsy, sleep apnea, etc. The United States has yet to control the drug, but according to scientists and researchers, there is a huge market for Adrafinil powder because of its medicinal properties and cognitive enhancement. If you’re interested in using Adrafinil, it’s imperative that you follow the guidelines and don’t exceed the recommended safe dosage.

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Why Use Adrafinil?

When you use Adrafinil dosages, it can increase your mental awareness and keep you awake. It’s a drug that has been used for decades and is a key source of Modafinil. The key Adrafinil use has been in clinical settings, used to help patients that suffer with a sleep disorder – extreme daytime sleepiness, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, etc. It’s also used to help shift workers or nighttime workers to stay awake while working. The drug can restore people’s normal sleep patterns so that they get enough sleep and stay alert during the day.

Adrafinil can increase a person’s mental energy level, making it extremely effective for people who have mood disorders – anxiety, stress and depression. If you’re consistently tired and mentally exhausted in the day, Adrafinil can give the body back its energy levels. How is this done? Read User Reviews of Adrafinil here.

The drug activates the brain’s adrenergic receptors that generally respond to norepinephrine. It’s a neurotransmitter that can quickly speed up a person’s physical stamina and alertness when outside dangers present themselves. It also increases their mental performance. Adrafinil doses have a tendency to raise the levels of serotonin, glutamate, dopamine and histamine, which results in a high amount of excitatory action for the central nervous system.

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There is an increase in energy levels that also leads to high motivation levels, that improves a person’s ambition and productivity drives. According to research, while a person uses Adrafinil, it can increase a person’s verbal communication skills and friendliness. Therefore, people see it as a nootropic drug as it can relieve them of mild cases of social anxiety and introversion. Adrafinil has several possible cognitive advantages like improving their memory, learning improvement and ability to rapidly recall things.

A dose of Adrafinil can also increase a person’s attention span, concentration, focus and cognizance. Keep in mind that the drug isn’t regarded as a cognitive enhancer like Noopept and Piracetam. It doesn’t boost the rate of synaptic plasticity but it does work like caffeine to give your brain additional energy so tasks don’t take near as much effort to carry out. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Adrafinil.

Adrafinil Dosage Recommendations

It’s important potential users of Adrafinil know what the proper dosage of the drug is. It’s not like other nootropics that don’t generally come with negative side effects.

Adrafinil does have some serious side effects when the recommended dosage is exceeded. This is why people don’t link Adrafinil to nootropic drugs but instead a smart drug that has cognitive advantages to it. The view is shared by many people, but still people need to be careful using both Modafinil and Adrafinil for a long period of time.

The Adrafinil powder is a concentrated drug that goes a very long way. It’s recommended that people do not exceed 300mg per day for Adrafinil. The best thing you can do for yourself is to begin on a low dose and increase the dosage after you see how your body is affected.

The increase should be done two weeks after you see the effects, allowing your body time build up a tolerance. Be sure the dosage is split up over the course of two or three takings each day, with no doses beyond the noon time hour. The reason is that it could cause insomnia in some folks.

How to Take Adrafinil Powder

The powder is water soluble, which means you can mix it into water or juice to make it easy to consume. You can also purchase a pill capping device and create your own capsules for easier shipping. Do not use the drug on a daily basis because of the chance for side effects. Only use it on days that you need to be productive and need complete concentration.

Cycle the drug, which means you take it for a week or two and take a break, giving your body time to rest and recoup. It also ensures the drug stays effective and doesn’t lead to a tolerance. It doesn’t matter what the dosage you decide on, always talk with your doctor before you add Adrafinil to your arsenal of medications.

Safe Usage Guide

You may be wondering what the side effects to Adrafinl dosages are. Yes, it’s a nootropic such as Noopept and Racetams that have no serious side effects attached to them. Adrafinil, however, does have some severe side effects. And, some of the outcomes are quite harmful. Keep in mind that there are some similarities between Adrafinil and other stimulants like Ephedrine and Adderall, but the chance for these issues are less. It’s still a good idea to use Adrafinil on an irregular basis and do not go above the recommended amount.

The majority of side effects associated with this drug similar to what you see with Modafinil. The reason is that Adrafinil, when metabolized by the liver, turns into Modafinil. Some commonly experienced side effects of Modafinil are:

• Anxiety
• Blistering skin
• Breathing problems
• Diarrhea
• Fever
• Nausea
• Stomach pains

Modafinil can be used by thousands of people who never have side effects, but it’s still important to know what they are in case you see changes in your body when you’re using either one. Any notable side effects observed means you should quit using the drug and get medical attention.

Besides the commonly seen and experienced side effects of both drugs, Adrafinil has one very serious side effect: increasing the enzymes in the liver due to the addition strain from changing Adrafinil to Modafinil. Therefore, any person who has or has had liver problems does not need to take this drug. You should also not use Adrafinil if you plan on doing drugs or drinking alcohol. It may also cause a rise in blood pressure and problems with the heart, usually seen with high doses.

If you want to purchase Adrafinil through the Internet, be sure you stick to the recommended dosage amounts so you don’t suffer any negative effects that come with this drug.


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