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Alpha Brain for Studying and Concentration Reviews

alpha brain for studying

Alpha brain is one of the most effective products in the market that are good in nootropic condition. The supplement is created by Onnit labs, a renowned health and supplement provider.

The company offers a number of other products as well. All the products by the company are well tested, researched and effectively formed. The company has important resources and finance plan to invest in helpful products that support neurological enhancement. The website of the company has a lot of important articles, videos and product promotions. Click here to buy Alpha Brain online.

Alpha Brain90 Capsules
By Onnit Labs
$67.96 ($0.75 / dose)
★★★★★ (462)
  • Support memory
  • Improve focus
  • Mental speed
100% Money Back Guarantee

Where to Purchase Alpha Brain

Alpha brain is available via, and on few other online stores. People can look for the exact location on the site.

One can buy the classic version of medicine on the website of the company that comes with 90 tablets at $79.95, L-Tyrosine and Serine, the new formula of 30 to 90 pills at the price of $34.95 or $79.95 or they can choose a two pack of tablets (30) at $59.95. The suggested dose of the Alpha brain is two tablets every day that makes it one of the priciest medicines in market today.

Alpha Brain for Concentration

Alpha brain provides great mental clarity and mood steadiness that helps in increasing the concentration level. The full positive effects of the medicine can be seen by using it regularly for longer time.

The longer use of medicine helps in greater concentration and efficiency. The full effects of Alpha brain are also related with some drawbacks. When a person stops taking tablets or take a break of two and three days, the efficiency level of the medicine can be affected.

Alpha Brain is known for boosting acetylcholine that is supportive in memory and learning power. Getting better energy level is the main point for all the users of supplement. However, this supplement does not offer required energy throughout the day. As a reviewer and user of Alpha brain, I prefer energy level first since lack of energy results in an unproductive day. Read User Reviews of Alpha Brain here.

Using Alpha Brain as a Study Pill

Onnit Labs’s Alpha brain has effective system of Nootropic that is intended to increase the concentration level that motivate and support people and help them to perform better. The entire formula has combination of 11 nootropics. Below are those formulas.

Alpha brain has both AC-11 and pterostilbene as healthy ingredients in order to support the body using antioxidant guard. Pterostilbene is an effective chemical related with resveratrol that is found in blueberries and give great biological effects. While AC-11 is extracted from Rainforest plant in America called uncariatomentosa, it is effective in boosting the process of enzyme repair in body.

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Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Alpha brain also has phosphatidyl serine and theanine that are effective in procedure of stress reduction and cortisol level support. Theanine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in tea and found effective in promoting alpha brain wave construction and GABA release. Phosphatidyl serine is an essential ingredient also known as phospholipid that is effective in reducing the cortisol level, a stress causing hormone.

In this supplement, a number of raw elements are included that are supportive for neurotransmitters acetylcholine dopamine, adrenaline and GABA. Alpha brain includes both Huperzine A and GPC choline that support acetylcholine, an essential neurotransmitter that has effects on focus, concentration and memory. GPC choline works as a precursor and is helpful in creating blocks for neurotransmitter and huperzineA effectively.

Amino acid L-Tyrosine is included in the formula for dopamine and adrenaline. Tyrosine acts as a precursor for catecholamine neurotransmitters and helps in their construction. The supplement also has Vitamin B6 that also plays an important role in making of serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Alpha Brain.

Gives you More Mental Energy

Alpha brain also has the top system of vinpocetine that is an alkaloid. It is extracted from the plant called periwinkle and boost the blood flow in brain through vasodilatation. Finally we can say that it helps brain to get more glucose, oxygen and other important nutrients by acting synergistically.

It is recommended to take two capsules every day with nutritional food. We also suggest taking this supplement with Neuroprime supportive method that is intended to optimize nootropics and give important nutrients to body.

Is Alpha Brain Safe?

It can alter the chemistry in brain and cause scepticism. People with excess of neurotransmitter may feel headaches and strain around their jaw. At present, the formulation of this supplement has all effective ingredients as approved by FDA. There is no clue if use of Alpha brain in combination with other medicine is damaging. However, one can understand the side effects by knowing about each element and the dose of the medicine.

B6 (10 mg) – It is only a nutrient that is bio accessible and has a number of positive effects on body.

Alpha GPC (100 mg) – This ingredient is known as a safe formula (GRAS) that is approved by FDA.

Huperzia Serrata (40 mg) – Huperzine A is an active component that is used with a little care. It is assumed that one percent of Huperzine and the 40 MG of this ingredient is around 400 MCG that can double the suggested dose. Greater dose of this component is known to cause vivid dreams.

AC-11 (350 mg) – It is fairly safe; however, reports do not provide complete result. It has antioxidant that is quite useful.

Vinpocetine (5 mg) – At the quantity of five mg, vinpocetine is not an unsafe component. It is the half of the suggested dose, but in combination with other nootropics, it is possibly more than one require. People who are suffering with low blood pressure need to be careful, while using it.

Bacopa (100 mg) – It is an ayurvedic ingredient, being used for many years and has been found safe in several research.

Pterostilbene (750 mcg) – This is a comparatively latest composite. It does not give harmful effects.

Phosphatidylserine (50 mg) – It is very well researched by specialists and has been found safe at lower dose.

L-tyrosine (300 mg) – It is also well researched and has been found safe at lower dose. There is nothing to worry about it.

L-theanine (200 mg) – It is extremely safe component according to a number of researches so one does not need to worry about its dose.

Oat straw (100 mg) – Oat straw is natural filler and so there are no side effects of using it.
Alpha brain is a safe formula and supplement for users. However, its effects also depend upon the person and his compatibility with the same.

Using Alpha Brain to help you Study

– Psychological and emotional constancy by removing stress
– Mental clearness
– Improvement in concentration power

– This is not a smart medicine since it does not have energy properties
– Skipping the medicine for even one day can reduce the efficiency of the product

Alpha brain is good for people who are looking for increasing their mental clarity and concentration level. It can help students do better in school or university by improving their ability to learn and memorize information for studying. Alpha Brain may even be used as an Adderall alternative if you do not want to take this harsh smart drug that is known to have a lot of side effects. You can check out more Alpha Brain reviews for concentration and studying to learn more.


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