Aniracetam for Memory, Intelligence and Studying for Exams

aniracetam for memory

Aniracetam may be one of the most underrated memory enhancing drugs. It exhibits some of the most potent cognitive strengthening of all the drugs in the racetam family of nootropic supplements. Aniracetam is very similar to but much more potent than Piracetam. It also has very low toxicity and very few side effects. Click here to buy Aniracetam online.

Aniracetam improves communication between neurons as well as between hemispheres of the brain. Improved communication improves concentration and helps the user to use both logic and emotion in completing tasks and solving problems. With effects like these, it’s no surprise that Aniracetam is the first choice of many people looking to enhance their cognitive abilities.

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Aniracetam Psychological Effects

The psychological effects of Aniracetam will vary between users, but most users feel increased alertness combined with a feeling of calm and contentment. You won’t feel the cognitive benefits in the tangible way that you might with stronger stimulants. They become more apparent over time when you realize that you are able to retain and recall memory better, concentrate more deeply and longer and solve problems more creatively than you could before.

The brain consists of millions of neural pathways, which are cells made up of a number of chemical compounds. Neurons communicate with one another via dendrites and axons, which are basically just terminals found at the end of the neuron. Information is transmitted across synapses where axons and dendrites meet. Read User Reviews of Aniracetam here.

AMPA Receptors and Aniracetam

As you have a thought, chemicals are transmitted between neurons via the synapses. In the neurons are receptors, such as the AMPA receptor, that are responsible for the neuron function. AMPA receptors are some of the more prevalent receptors in the central nervous system and are crucial to efficient transmission across synapses.

Aniracetam works by modulating these receptors, improving signal speed and thereby improving the brain’s overall performance. In addition, Aniracetam improves communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. When the brain’s hemispheres communicate effectively, memory, focus and attention to detail improve.

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You can think of it like a river dividing two cities. If you build one bridge, people are able to cross between the towns. By building more bridges, traffic flow improves and so does communication. The same idea applies to communication between brain hemispheres. If you can improve the connections, performance will improve because the two sides will be able to function together. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Aniracetam.

Improves Thinking and Test Anxiety

Along with improving memory and learning, Aniracetam has a number of other potential cognitive benefits that have been seen in lab trials with research animals. In some studies, Aniracetam significantly reducing depression and anxiety resulting from environmental stress tests, including forced swimming, social interactions, mazes and conditioned fear tests.

These studies showed Aniracetam acted on chemical systems in the brain to reduce anxiety and bring about a feeling of calm in stressful situations. This translates to better performance under pressure, at work, at school and even in the gym. Many people find Aniracetam to be helpful during a workout, especially when it comes to learning new moves and techniques.

If you’ve ever had trouble recalling information under pressure or drawn a blank while writing an exam, it’s most likely due to a surge in cortisol in response to stress. Cortisol often causes clouded thinking. Being able to calm down and relax helps to stabilize cortisol levels, which can improve mental clarity in particular and cognitive performance in general. Aniracetam indirectly influences cortisol, helping to produce a calm feeling and reducing anxiety to more clarity. This can be highly beneficial to students studying for an exam.

Alzheimer’s Parkinsons and Strokes

Since its development in the 1970s, Aniracetam has been thoroughly researched and successfully used to treat Alzheimer’s and other forms of senile dementia. It is also effective in addressing depression, anxiety and sleep disorders related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and strokes. It also has neuroprotective properties that can help reduce brain damage due to trauma and strokes, reducing post-trauma and post-stroke cognitive difficulties.

Anriacetam is Very Safe to Use

Aniracetam has virtually no contraindications, and there have been no reported overdoses. Toxicity levels of Aniracetam are almost 500 times the recommended dosage, and it would be very difficult to overdose on the drug.

The main side effects of Aniracetam are trouble sleeping and mild anxiety. These side effects are unusual, and likely caused by sensitivity to Aniracetam’s mild stimulating effect. In most people, side effects subside when reducing the dose and/or taking the drug earlier in the day.

The half life of Aniracetam is about four hours, but its effects peak about 2 hours after taking. Aniracetam is fat soluble, so taking it with food containing healthy fats can nearly double the rate of absorption. Dividing the daily dose and taking it two or more times a day will keep it active in your system all day long.


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