Aniracetam Uses for Medical Treatments and Brain Hacking

aniracetam uses

What are the most common uses of Aniracetam in the world of medicine as well as cognitive enhancement or brain hacking? Aniracetam is a nootropic supplement that was developed in the 1970s to stimulate the brain’s AMPA receptors. It was first developed by the pharmaceutical company Hoffman-La Roche and was released as a more powerful version of its predecessor, Piracetam. Click here to buy Aniracetam online.

Because of the ability of Aniracetam to stimulate the AMPA receptors, it is classified as an ampakine nootropic. Because of this, a number of trials and research studies were conducted to discover its effects on the human brain. It was during these early trials that the anxiety reducing effects of Aniracetam were first discovered. Subsequent studies have confirmed this finding.

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Aniracetam Uses

The myriad beneficial effects of Aniracetam uses, combined with its low toxicity and low incidence of side effects, led to the drug being approved in Europe for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. It has also been used in Japan to treat a variety of emotional disorders such as anxiety, agitation and depression. However, a recent study suggested that Aniracetam might not be as effective as it is claimed to be, and was removed from the market in Japan. Because of conflicting study results, it has not been approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Aniracetam is closely related to Piracetam and the two drugs share a similar chemical structure that is also similar to other nootropic drugs made up of a 5 carbon oxo-pyrrilodine ring. Aniracetam’s mechanisms are not entirely clear yet, but studies show that the drug can improve the efficiency of synapses by improving metabolism and increasing production of energy. Researchers suggest that Aniracetam modulates glutamate and choline transmission. Read User Reviews of Aniracetam here.

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Pathways that Aniracetam Stimulates

Neurotransmission of choline is thought to be aided by the stimulation of N-anisoyl-GABA, p-anisic acid and certain other metabolites. By this process, Aniracetam may stimulate the reticulothalamic cholinergic pathway.

Besides its effects on choline uptake, Aniracetam has also been shown to influence the brain’s ability to utilize glutamate for transmitting information between neurons. It can also indirectly boost acetylcholine and attach to AMPA receptors and increase oxidation.

Aniracetam is looked at as an innovative treatment for a variety of cerebral disorders. Studies in lab animals illustrated Aniracetam’s safety and effectiveness in treating cognitive deterioration, emotional disturbance, sleep disorders and behavioral problems. A number of clinical trials have since been done to thoroughly document the drug’s effects on humans.

Treatment for Visual Perception

One potential, but often overlooked, benefit of Aniracetam is its ability to reduce visual hallucinations associated with certain conditions. Elderly patients aged 75-80 years of age who suffered from diffuse Levy body disease or Parkinson’s disease were given Aniracetam. The study showed that patients who had the Aniracetam and significant reduction in visual hallucination. No adverse effects were noted from the treatment with Aniracetam. The researchers concluded that Aniracetam is effective at preventing or reduction hallucinations without adverse reactions even with treatment at high doses. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Aniracetam.

Used to Improve Memory Loss in Elderly Populations

As life expectancy increases and the population ages, dementia becomes progressively more frequent cognitive issue with serious ramifications. As a known nootropic supplement with the neuroprotective effects and ability to influence metabolism of glutamate, Aniracetam has been studied for its potential use in dementia. It has been given to patients with cognitive impairment and it has shown promise as an effective treatment in both patients with cognitive impairment and mild deficits. Studies have also shown that Aniracetam could potentially protect all known areas of neuropsychology while also improving emotional well-being in patients with dementia.

The potential of Aniracetam was studied in a double blind trial on 44 patients who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The patients were given Aniracetam for three months and showed improvement in memory during the study.

The effects of such nootropic supplements, especially Aniracetam, dihydroergicristine, and paracetamol are reported to expand to their potential to treat Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of senile dementia. While study results could find no solid evidence of any difference in effectiveness between the different cognitive enhancing drugs, results did show evidence that use of nootropic drugs can noticeably improve thought process and memory in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Aniracetam for Sleep

Besides its use in dementia and in patients with visual hallucinations, Aniracetam can also treat insomnia in some individuals when given with Zopiclone. In a study researchers gave the combinations of drugs to nine patients with insomnia associated with both cerebrovascular and noncerebrovascular conditions. During the study, 78% of the individuals reported that the combination of drugs helped them to sleep longer.

Other Rare Diseases

A very rare degenerative disease, Progressive Supranuclear palsy (PSP) causes such symptoms as dementia, Secondary Parkinson’s, and vertical gaze palsy, among a number of other symptoms. PSP is typically treated with Levodopa, tricyclic antidepressants and anti-cholinergic medications. Because of its anticholinergic properties, Aniracetam was given to two patients with the disorder. Both individuals saw improvement in motor function, balance, cognitive function and decision making ability.

Aniracetam’s exact mechanism has yet to be determined. It could be quite effective in treating many of these neurological and cerebrovascular conditions, but its use in treating these disorders should always be done under a doctor’s supervision. Care should always be taken when using Aniracetam to treat neurological or cerebrovascular conditions. Promising as the studies have been so far, more research still needs to be done with larger groups of participants.


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