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bulk phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam powder is the current and most potent evolution of Nootropic supplements on the market. It is a synthetic derivative of Piracetam, which was the first Nootropic drug developed as a derivative of Gamma Aminobutyric Acid or GABA. Phenylpiracetam has a chemical structure analogous to the first formulation of Racetam, with the exception of the inclusion of the phenyl molecule group. This miniscule alteration magnifies its effectiveness at crossing the blood-brain barrier and generating a stimulant effect on the central nervous system. Click here to buy Phenylpiracetam online.

All the substantial benefits provided by Phenylpiracetam compare to and surpass other Racetams, which caused a surge in the popularity of this supplement in its short time in the marketplace. However, there is difficulty in the online purchase of bulk Phenylpiracetam powder, since the majority of retailers only offer it for sale in the form of Phenotropil tablets. This formulation of pills is very expensive, with the cost almost reaching two hundred and forty dollars for a ninety pill pack, which amounts to two dollars and sixty cents per dose.

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Phenylpiracetam Powder for Cognitive Enhancement

Just as with other Nootropics and Racetams, the benefits and effects of using Phenylpiracetam powder produces numerous enhancements to cognition related to fluid intelligence, such as the augmentation of working memory and enhancement of learning capability. After ingesting Phenylpiracetam, the user has the ability to grasp diverse information that converts into long term memory, effortlessly calculate data, and exhibit more intense analytical reasoning power.

Additional studies report that Phenylpiracetam alleviates the effects of sleep deprivation, while it influences alertness and concentration. There is a significant up shift in mental energy along with greater lucidity in thought patterns and motivation. Read User Reviews of Phenylpiracetam here.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Intriguing benefits of bulk Phenylpiracetam unrelated to cognition are evident, which where this supplement has divergences compared to other Racetams. For instance, the supplement allows users to tolerate environmental stress, maintain stamina, and aids the recovery from strenuous exercise for the body.

Another illustration entails its ability to reinforce athletic prowess by increasing physical energy in addition to promoting rapid reaction time, along with coordination and reflexes. Studies exhibit Phenylpiracetam to be more effective than Piracetam at alleviating motion sickness and precluding the effects of memory loss.

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The Function Of Phenylpiracetam

The exorbitant potency of Phenylpiracetam powder is the result of its affecting more neurotransmitters. This drug functions with similarities to Piracetam. The absorption rate of this supplement into the bloodstream enables it to achieve a reasonably high level of oral bioavailability, and the rapid acquirement of its targets within the brain. It has the capability to modulate neurotransmitters such as Acetylcholine, GABA, NDMA Gluramate, and Dopamine receptors.

When Phenylpiracetam reaches the targeted areas in the brain, it binds to the receptor sites and modulates them to enable efficient communication between neurons. Phenylpiracetam powder influences the levels of the Acetylcholine and Glutamate neurotransmitters.

The Acetylcholine and NMDA receptors amplify cognitive function that relates to memory formation, the development of new synapses, and fundamental cognitive process. Dopamine controls the functions of both mood and the execution of movement. This is evidenced by the non-Nootropic effect of the treatment of motion sickness. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenylpiracetam.

An Evaluation Of Phenylpiracetam Dangers

In similarity to other Nootropic Racetam supplements, bulk Phenylpiracetam is noted for its safety, the absence of side effects, and that it has no fundamental interaction with medications or health maladies. However, it is inadvisable for pregnant women and nursing mothers to use the supplement. This substance lacks toxins, the danger of overdosing, and side effects.

Even so, new users experience headaches as their body acclimates to this new substance in their system, although this side effect is the exception for Phenylpiracetam. Just as it relates to the Piracetam headache, this is due to the brain requiring an excess supply of Acetylcholine at its receptor sites. It is relieved by taking a quality Choline supplement such as Alpha GPC, as it is a precursor to Acetylcholine. This provides assurance that your brain has a sufficient store of Acetylcholine to keep up with demand. A few other potential side effects entail anxiety, fatigue, and discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, which are the result of consuming an excessive dose. So, the adherence to correct dosage levels remedies these issues.

How Much Phenylpiracetam Powder in a Dosage?

Daily dosage recommendations for Phenylpiracetam powder extends from one hundred to five hundred milligrams, with the distribution of two equal administrations throughout the day. The half-life of this supplement is five to seven hours, so a workable option is a morning dose and another later in the afternoon. Start with the lowest effective dose and upgrade according to needed effects. Since Phenylpiracetam has a rapid tolerance buildup, the best advice is to use it for a specific project, or cycling it with on and off time periods incorporated into a regular regimen.

Buying in Bulk at Wholesale Prices

Although an unregulated drug in the United States, Phenylpiracetam powder is only available online as opposed to local retailers, since Phenylpiracetam is so new to the nootropic market. Even the favored Nootropic supplement suppliers do not sell this product. Find suppliers that sell it in the bulk powder formulation instead of pills or capsules.

The purchase of Phenylpiracetam in bulk is more inexpensive due to simpler packaging, and it reduces shipping costs due to less frequent restock rates. Remember to purchase a set of micro spoons or an inexpensive electronic scale. Phenylpiracetam is taken in a mixture with water or the sub-lingual mode. Make sure that you select suppliers of nootropic powders who assure the quality and purity of their Phenylpiracetam supplements.


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