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Noopept is a nootropic drug that was first developed in Russia and is patented in both Russia and the United States. It has been the subject of a great deal of research as a result of many potential benefits and effects. Researchers consider Noopept to be somewhere between a thousand and five thousand times as potent as the original nootropic, Piracetam.

Several studies have been done investigating the potential of Noopept to treat degenerative neurological conditions as well as to boost cognitive capacity in healthy people. Where can you buy Noopept online if you live in the USA, UK or Canada? Click here to buy Noopept online.

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Noopept is Highly Effective at Boosting Memory

Both clinical studies and anecdotal evidence alike indicate that Noopept may be more effective at enhancing memory than Piracetam. It has been shown to improve learning capacity, memory retention, focus and motivation. It is also thought to boost memory consolidation and memory retrieval.

It’s not clear why Noopept is so good at this, but one theory is that it promotes improved connections between the hemispheres of the brain. This mechanism can also help improve general communication in the brain and these benefits may endure for the long term, even lasting to some degree beyond discontinuing the nootropic.

Buying Noopept has been shown in studies to have neuroprotective potential. Its neuroprotective properties extend to protecting against brain damage as a result of oxidative stress and may even be able to reverse damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Read User Reviews of Noopept here.

Additional Benefits for the Brain

Although the exact method by which this occurs is not fully understood, Noopept may be able to boost amounts of Nerve Growth Factor and Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor. Both of these proteins are responsible for the growth and specialization of neurons and synapses, as well as playing a critical role in forming long-term memories.

Noopept is also thought to have potent anti-oxidant potential, meaning that it may help the body clear itself of toxins, particularly toxins that have accumulated in the brain. As people age, they may have calcium deposits in the brain. Calcium deposits are believed to cause several degenerative conditions. Noopept may be able to help clear excess calcium from the brain, potentially slowing cognitive decline.

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Noopept is Safe and Not Toxic

Like other nootropics, purchasing Noopept is generally considered to be quite safe and is well-tolerated by most users. It has very low toxicity and has not been shown to possess any immunotoxic or mutagenic properties. Some users have experienced elevated blood pressure when using Noopept, especially when using it in amounts above the recommended dose, so those with hypertension should exercise caution when using it. Other unusual but potential side effects include sedation and irritability.

Other side effects typically associated with excessive doses include headaches, fatigue, insomnia and stomach upset. Because they are mostly linked to excessive use, the best way to manage these side effects is to take a few days off or reduce the dose, or both. When starting a new supplement, it is always wise to start with the lowest possible dose and increase slowly and gradually. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Noopept.

While you definitely could combine Noopept with other nootropics, this is not something done by very many users. Doing so is quite expensive and other nootropics do not typically add much to the effectiveness of Noopept or add any extra significant advantages. Adding a good quality choline supplement is advised, however. Extra choline will help prevent some possible side effects, particularly headaches and insomnia. Headaches are typically associated with the increased demand for choline by the brain.

Where to Buy Noopept Online

There are several online distributors of Noopept for sale, but be very careful when choosing one to order from, as there are also many fakes just waiting to take your money. Read lots of user reviews on independent websites to find a dealer with a good reputation for promptness and quality product.

Noopept is available in powder, pills or capsules. Powder is typically the best form as it is generally most cost-effective. It is also the form that is most easily absorbed. The only downside to powder is that you will need an accurate scale to ensure precise dosing, especially with such a potent nootropic that requires such small doses. Pills and capsules are more convenient, but will cost more.

Whatever form you choose for your supplement, ultimately you should be certain you are buying Noopept from a reputable dealer. Any time you buy a supplement from a new source, be sure to make note if you notice any new effects.


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