The FDA and Piracetam: Is this Supplement Banned or Approved in 2014?

fda piracetam ban

Many people are confused over whether the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned Piracetam or not. For those who do not know, Piracetam is the most popular options for enhancing cognitive capabilities, and is a nootropic supplement. Marketers also state that the Racetam compound offers other health benefits to patients. School-aged children are given this by their parents to help improving thinking and learning skills, and elderly patients often use it to prevent and slow down the process of age-related cognitive issues. Others like to take it to improve their own mental and focal capabilities. Click here to buy Piracetam online.

The medication is known for its non-toxicity, and being safe to patients, and has been in use since UBC, a Belgian pharmaceutical company, discovered it in 1964. However, it remains unapproved by the FDA in the United States, despite no serious side effects and the benefits to memory and brain function. Many question whether that means it is now banned for sale, and illegal to buy in the United States.

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Understanding the Effects of Piracetam

The first ever nootropic drug to be invented was Piracetam, and led to the creation of other similar medications. Chief scientists discovering it were amazed at its capabilities of enhancing the brain functions, while offering very few side effects. It is much safer compared to other stimulant drugs that help improve cognitive function.

Nootropics was a term developed for all drugs that would help to improve the brain function, memory and intelligence, while offering limited and low risk side effects. There are now many supplements added to the Piracetam category, many of which are Piracetam derivatives or use the same action mechanisms.

Piracetam offers a number of benefits. The first is the increased awareness and sensory perception in an area. Scientists believe that this is due to the acetylcholine neurotransmitter increasing to help process the perceptual surroundings. Colors appear brighter and clearer, which is a sign for many patients that this is working. Other senses can also improve, especially the touch, hearing and smell, but not all patients note this side effect. It can take up to 14 days to feel the full effects of the drug due to the way it reacts with the brain’s receptors. You will have a clear indication if your visual sensitivity is improved during that time. Read User Reviews of Piracetam here.

Long-Term Benefits for Learning and Memory

Shortly after the visual changes, you can start to feel more positive, and find your cognitive processes happen quicker. Memory retention improves as more glutamate and acetylcholine is passed around your brain. Acetylcholine is one of the main neurotransmitters affected by the dementia disease Alzheimer’s. Many scientists believe that using Piracetam can help to prevent the onset of it, or slow it down if you currently suffer from it because it improves your neuron health, improving your memory capabilities.

The way you learn is also improved, so you find it easier to remember details from something you have read. Organizing facts is also much easier and efficient. Some patients also find that recalling information is much easier. There is a limited delay between being asked to recall something and being able to give the right answer.

Is Piracetam Banned?

There are currently many conflicting reports about the FDA banning Piracetam. Some retailers, like eBay and Amazon, have had to remove the nootropic supplements. This has led to patients purchasing it from places around the world. However, it is still legal to use in the United States, which begs the question why have so many suppliers stopped selling it?

One store was ordered by the FDA in August 2010 to stop selling Piracetam as a dietary supplement to US citizens. A strict definition of a dietary supplement was given in this single letter. However, this one letter caught the attention of other suppliers, who decided to stop selling the supplement instead of risking the wrath of the FDA. The good news is it is still available. You just need to know where to look.

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Piracetam and FDA Policy

The FDA regulates all medications, drugs, supplements and anything intended for the consumption by humans in the United States. However, the definition of a dietary supplement is ambiguous at best, which causes a problem for the suppliers of these products.

Piracetam is not considered to be anything under the FDA rules for the dietary supplement, and therefore does not qualify for that title according to the FDA itself. It can only be approved for consumption if given the title of “drug,” but that leads to further issues. To be approved by the FDA as a drug, the makers must go through the strenuous process to be regulated, and that costs at least $50 million. The administration ignores the fact that plenty of other countries have approved it, and table salt is considered to be more toxic than it. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Piracetam.

It is very unlikely for a company to opt for the approval process. Once one company gets the approval, other companies can then use it and sell it at a lower price. Until the policy by the FDA is changed, US citizens are unlikely to see the sale of Piracetam on a wide scale. The administration is biased against drugs that are considered lifestyle choices, despite offering benefits to the cognitive function of adults. This is especially the case when it comes to any drugs designed for healthy people to use.

The idea is that drugs should only be given to those who are sick or unhealthy in some way. This causes a problem for the US economy, since the development of this industry is estimated to be around $1 billion a year. US students are also pushed behind the likes of Russian students, who can get hold of Piracetam over the counter.

Buy Piracetam in the US

But, there are still US-based websites selling Piracetam. This is due to the FDA banning the commercial activities of those who market the drug as a dietary supplement. It is possible for suppliers to offer the powder for research purposes. However, those that market the raw ingredient cannot offer instructions for taking it properly. There will be no information about dosage, or information about the possible side effects and benefits.

This actually leads to a more dangerous situation, as people taking the nootropic compounds do not know the safe measures of the supplements. It is important for anyone considering Piracetam to look up information regarding dosage, benefits and side effects before taking anything.

Other Nootropics to Use

For those struggling to find Piracetam, there are other options available. These other Racetams work very similar to the original compound, but they do all have their own benefits and side effects. Aniracetam is one option for anyone considering mood enhancement supplements, or someone who needs help controlling anxiety. Oxiracetam is available for those who would like to improve logical thoughts and concentration capabilities. However, if you want something very closely linked to Piracetam, then you need to consider Phenylpiracetam. This produces other benefits like a boost in motivation and energy, and is considered 60 times more powerful than Piracetam. It is linked to an Adderall alternative.

Get Piracetam Legally Here

Some online stores will still sell Piracetam to people in the United States. However, you should always look into the company before buying, to make sure it as a Certificate of Analysis. This will help to ensure the supplement is the best quality possible. You will usually find US Piracetam available as a bulk powder, and not a capsule or pill. This is cheaper for packaging, but could cause problems for you.

It is essential that you measure out all doses to ensure a safe amount with each intake. Nootrico is highly recommended for buying Piracetam in the United States. This is a US-based company, and most Us customers will receive their purchases within a few days of ordering.


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