How Does Aniractam Work? Mechanism of Action & Research Studies

how does aniracetam work

Does Aniracetam really work and what are the promised effects of this supplement? Studies have shown that Aniracetam works to encourage the formation of new synapses. A synapse is a structure found at the end of nerves that allow the nerves to communicate with one another. Enhancing communication in the brain increases mental ability and helps protect against a variety of threats to brain health such as aging, strokes and toxins. Click here to buy Aniracetam online.

Aniracetam also influences glutamate in the brain. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter responsible for brain function. Over time, the brain becomes desensitized to glutamate, making it less effective. Aniracetam works to counteract tolerance by increasing the amount of glutamate available. In this way, Aniracetam is observed to work by improving the underlying systems in the brain responsible for maintaining and forming memories as well as accessing information.

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Aniracetam Mechanisms of Action

Aniracetam has a number of benefits for the brain, including enhancing cognitions, reducing anxiety, boosting mood, improving focus and may even work to improve sleep.

Enhancing Cognition: Aniracetam is a potent nootropic that works to boost intellectual performance. In studies, people who take the supplement see up to a 30% increase in performance on cognitive tests.

Reducing Anxiety: Aniracetam has been shown to help fight general feelings of anxiety. Though it is not necessarily recommended for any specific condition, the simple feeling of calm that most people experience when taking Aniracetam can help in most social situations.

Most people feel some degree of anxiety in unfamiliar social circumstances or situations that may be especially difficult for them. The most common anxiety provoking situations include public speaking, parties, and job interviews.

Any supplement that reduces anxiety and promotes calm feelings can produce a considerable difference in daily interactions. Read User Reviews of Aniracetam here.

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Improved Mood: Everyone has feelings of restlessness, lethargy, or sadness from time to time. It comes with the territory known as life. Studies done on Aniracetam show that it can help to level out some of these feelings and reduce their impact on your day. Negative feelings can cause distraction and be a serious barrier to many activities. Too many negative feelings can negatively influence overall quality of life. Being able to neutralize the difficulties caused by these kinds of feelings can produce a dramatic change in quality of life.

Focus: Aniracetam works to increase attention and help reduce distractibility, especially as a result of age-related conditions. There is also evidence showing that it can help with motivation as well.

Sleep: Some studies on Aniracetam show that it can improve quality of REM sleep. Sufficient sleep is critical to both physical and mental health, and REM sleep is especially vital to brain function.

What Dosage of Aniracetam Works Best?

Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Aniracetam.

The half-life of Aniracetam is only about two hours, so it may need to be taken a few times a day to make sure it doesn’t wear off. It is recommended that new users start by taking 1 gram 3 times a day. After a few days, you can decide whether you need to increase or decrease the dose, frequency or both. In order to maximize the effects of Aniracetam, take it with a choline supplement.

Good choices are CDP and Alpha GPC, you can also find supplements that contain choline. Aniracetam works on the choline receptors in the brain, so adding choline will both enhance Aniracetam’s effects while minimizing headaches and other mild side effects. This ensures that Aniracetam will work for you as best as possible.


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