How Does Phenibut Work? Mechanism of Action Info

how does phenibut work

How does Phenibut work to promote better mood, stress relief and alleviate anxiety? Also, what is the basis behind the nootropic effects of this supplement? Phenibut emerged from the Soviet Union in the 1960s and is also known as phenybut or Noofen fenibut. It is present in the body as a product of the major inhibitory neurotransmitter – GABA – ?-aminobutyric acid. As compared to Baclofen and valium (diazepam), Phenibut is known for its calming effects and for its ability to serve as an anti-stress and anti-anxiety to the body. Phenibut, apart from being neuroprotective, also helps in the reduction of induced loss of memory (amnesia) and aids smooth night sleep. Click here to buy Phenibut online.

Due to the inhibitory nootropic effect of how Phenibut works, it is recommended to help people with more severe nootropics calm down and help them get good sleep. The benefit of its calming effect is also seen in natural sleep as it help improve soundness of sleep and as a result, promote mental alertness after sleep.

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Does Phenibut Work to Eliminate Stress?

The anti-stress property of Phenibut has been established and research has been carried out to show its anti-amnesic and protective property. Due to its nootropic properties and superior qualities to common tranquilizers, it has made its way into the Russian medical practice. Lack of cognitive disorder and sedation which is common with other like-medications is its benefit to the Russian cosmonauts. The importance of this was great, helping to manage stress level in juvenile space travel, yet maintain optimum performance.

Its application in Russia is not limited to stress and anxiety cases alone but also to relieve tension, stuttering and post-traumatic stress as well as improve sleep especially in neurotic or psychosomatic patients. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

In the case of induced scolopamine-amnesia, Phenibut has been proven to work to produce anti-amnesic properties that even supersedes that of Piracetam. In tests with spleen, Phenibut showed anti-oxidant effects. Further research showed that after consuming alcohol, Phenibut prevented brain injury and is also capable of disallowing damage that could result from induced hypoxia.

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Phenibut Effects and Mechanism of Action

So how exactly does Phenibut work? Phenibut, being a product of GABA functions as an agonist to the receptor of metabotropic GABA-B, and at high doses, acts as agonist to the receptor of the ionotropic GABA-A. This process makes it possible for Phenibut to exhibit its relaxing and general inhibitory function on the brain.

Researches have equally proven that Phenibut helps lessen levels of adrenalin in the hippocampus, and functions to reduce undesirable stimulation. Phenibut’s anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects may be linked to the increase in dopamine metabolite observable after ingesting Phenibut.

Usage Instructions: Please use Phenibut with caution as tolerance can build up soon enough and withdrawal symptoms may be experienced when used on daily basis and over an extended time period. AVOID daily and continuous use of Phenibut.

It is recommended that you only use it when needed and not exceed 3 – 4 times per week. This will ensure that Phenibut works as best as possible so you do not build tolerance or experience other issues.

If you need more directions, please contact a healthcare practitioner. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

How to Use Phenibut

As a supplement to your daily diet, take 1 – 3 tablets each day. This dosage could be increased to 4 tablets per day based on tolerance and body weight. The recommended dosage of Phenibut is from 250mg to 1500mg and up to twice daily, but, we recommend to use as required throughout the whole day, with 3 tablets per day as the maximum limit. Begin with a low dose and move up. Phenibut works and it is a great nootropic for people who find it hard to get good sleep or who want to relax and experience less anxiety.


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