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What are the Ingredients in Alpha Brain Capsules? Dosage Information

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Today Alpha Brain is considered as the top online selling nootropic stack. The reason behind the same is its potent ability to produce effective results in terms of cognitive enhancement. Onnit Lab assures that users will experience improved clarity and mental focus by consuming this Nootropic formulation of safe and beneficial ingredients. This supplement is very powerful and effective to support synaptic plasticity, improve memory and condense social anxiety. What are the ingredients in Alpha Brain and what dosages does this supplement use? Click here to buy Alpha Brain online.

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Alpha Brain Ingredients

Every Alpha Brain pill comprises of 11 natural nootropic compounds. Many of its ingredients are responsible for increasing oxygen levels inside the brain. Some others are accountable for activating the discharge of influential neurotransmitters and brain chemicals within the brain. All the neurochemicals are liable for promoting the cognitive functions. They are also supportive for brain development by stimulating the nerve growth.

However, this supplement does not contain any powerful cognitive enhancers or Racetams. Beside that it enhances the neurotransmitter level to improve the brain power and mental functions. In order to increase the potential this supplement is used as a constituent of nootropic stacks with some other brain promoters such as Aniracetam, Adrafinil, Piracetam, Noopept or Sunifiram.

The Alpha Brain supplement is very promising to enhance the memory and alertness. Users have seen razor-sharp focus, clear lucid dreams and amplified mental drive after consuming this supplement. This supplement is a blend of natural ingredients and does not constitute any artificial stimulants and caffeine.

However, in order to obtain more effective results users can combine caffeine with Alpha Brain to potentiate Theanine, which is present in the supplement. It constitutes the capacity to overturn the normal ageing factors such as loss of mental power and concentration. Read User Reviews of Alpha Brain here.

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List of Ingredients in each Capsules

Alpha Brain is comprises of 11 powerful ingredients. Some ingredients constitute the capacity of improving brain power, focus and concentration, while others are associated with enhancing the ability to recall and remember the things. This supplement is an overall combination of effective and meaningful ingredients in a definite amount.

Onnit Labs are the reputed manufacturer of Alpha Brain. They recommend consumption of two to three Alpha Brain pills every day.

• 1. Vinpocetine

Vinpocetine works as a powerful neuroprotectant inside the brain. It is prepared from the periwinkle plant which is a natural Nootropic material. Vinpocetine is the other effective and supportive ingredient that assists in increasing the blood flow and improving memory. This ingredient is very well identified to boost the mental energy levels and alertness. It also helps to eradicate the brain fog.

• 2. Bacopa

Bacopa is one of the commonly used Alpha Brain ingredients. It is known as an effective herb associated with various Nootropic benefits such as improvement in learning, memory and focus. It is also very potent to reduce anxiety. The other benefits provided by this ingredient include reduction in stress levels.

• 3. Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC ingredient is the finest source of choline. It is efficient to boost the benefits from the nootropic stack. Generally choline is present inside the body; however, many face the deficiency of this substance in their body. It is also considered as the originator of Acetylcholine. The Acetylcholine is a powerful brain chemical and neurotransmitter that is responsible to carry out various cognitive processes. It also leads to a wide range of cognitive benefits. Although Alpha Brain manufactured in Onnit Labs works potently to provide various mental benefits, it can perform better after including effective Racetams with the supplement.

Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Alpha Brain.

• 4. Huperzine A

This ingredient is very supportive to avoid the breakdown of Acetylcholine inside the brain. It plays a vital role in memory formation and intellectual capacity. Huperzine A is among the finest ingredients in Alpha Brain that helps to maintain the long-term mental health. This is a powerful ingredient that assists in increasing the intensity of various aspects related to nerve growth inside the brain.

• 5. L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is considered as an effective amino acid. It is an originator of the potent chemical known as L-dopa. It is supportive to heighten and improve the memory, concentration, mental energy, focus, analytical skills and motivation.

• 6. Theanine

This ingredient is generally found in green tea. Users can easily stack it with caffeine because it is very potent to deactivate its side effects. Number of benefits is associated with this substance such as enhancement of mental performance, concentration and improvement in memory. It is a very effective stress reliever.

• 7. Pterostilbene

This ingredient is very proficient to maintain brain health for longer duration. It is not only considered as a Nootropic but a powerful antioxidant that constitutes the capability to defend the brain cells from free radical and toxic effects.

• 8. Vitamin B6

This ingredient reinforces the maintenance and creation of various neurotransmitters inside the brain. It is very supportive to carry out various cognitive processes.

• 9. AC-11

AC-11 is another herb associated as an ingredient with the Alpha Brain supplement. It contains the anti-ageing formulation. AC-11 is very successful to recover various damages caused by DNA inside the body. That is why it is called a neuroprotectant. It also protects our brain from cell damage produced by the UV. Although it contains mild Nootropic effects, it provides greater physical exertion and overall health benefits.

• 10. Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is very helpful in maintaining brain cell membranes. They are very effective to improve psychological functions, alleviate stress and boost the athletic performance.

Review of Ingredients

Alpha Brain is a very powerful nootropic. It produces effective results when combined with either Racetam or caffeine. This supplement is an effective formation of various potent ingredients that are associated with various psychological benefits. A single bottle may cost you $35 per month, which is quite affordable. You can also purchase Alpha Brain online to save some money.


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