Is Adrafinil Legal in Canada? Where can you Order it?

is adrafinil legal in canada

Do you live in Canada and trying to find a good source of legal Adrafinil? This drug has the tendency to increase wakefulness, acting like a mental stimulant without the jitteriness associated and seen with other stimulants. It’s filed under the drug class eugeroics. It was first developed as a narcolepsy treatment but later expanded to boost wakefulness in the elderly. Since the 1980s, Adrafinil has been seen and used throughout the European nation. Click here to buy Adrafinil online.

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Adrafinil and Modafinil in Canada

Adrafinil is a pro-drug to the popular Modafinil, which means that it’s metabolized by the liver and changed into Modafinil. Once it was possible to become Modafinil, the market for Adrafinil increased. One reason is that Modafinil needs a doctor’s prescription to be purchased; Adrafinil, in many countries, does not because it’s not regulated. When the two compared, Adrafinil is considered less expensive per dose than the Modafinil.

Although both drugs have similar effects, there are some differences between the two:

• The body can take up to an hour to metabolize the Adrafinil, meaning it takes a small window of time before it’s effective.
• Adrafinil can increase the enzyme levels of the liver, which is why it should not be used for an extended period of time or, if used regularly, used while under the care of a doctor who can check the liver enzymes.

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Is Adrafinil Legal in Canada without a Prescription?

Adrafinil can be purchased in many countries without the need of a prescription, but Modafinil needs to have a doctor’s prescription to be bought. Now, when it comes to the country of Canada, you may be wondering some things:

• What’s the legal status for Adrafinil use in Canada?
• Can it be purchased legally?
• Will you get in trouble if you have it in your possession?
• Can you legally use it?

If you plan to purchase Adrafinil and use it, there are some rules to understand.

There is a Drug Identification Number (DIN) for all scheduled/controlled substances sold in Canada. However, Adrafinil does not fall under this classification and is not assigned a DIN. The country’s Health Canada has not approved the drug either.

Buying Adrafinil Online or Overseas

Drugs under this category have a grey area where they can be bought for personal use, but are not approved or recognized for certain ailments. When you purchase Adrafinil or similar nootropics in the country, citizens can purchase three-month supplies or less (30 to 90 days’ supply) without any import problems.

When it comes to the recommendations of dosage, it can vary, as the human body varies from one person to the next. Adrafinil’s potency and rates varies on a body’s processes. Remember, Adrafinil converts into Modafinil once it hits the liver. Therefore, it’s an inactive substance when it’s introduced in the body.

The recommended dosage for Adrafinil is 100 to 300mg – new users are advised to begin with the 100mg and allow the body to completely process it. Have your doctor check your liver enzymes for possible elevation and use the lowest dosage you can to get the results you want. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Adrafinil.

Before you purchase Adrafinil, possible users need to know what the advantages and chances for with the drug. While it can increase mental alertness for people who have odd work shifts or must do an overnight study session (students), it should only be applied to these instances and not used in the long-term.

Where to Order Adrafinil From

If you live in the country, the best and easiest place to purchase Adrafinil is through the Internet. Adrafinil can be found in both powder and capsule. If you want the best possible shipping rates, Canadians should purchase the drug from U.S.-based companies or stores in the UK, not ones from international addresses.

For instance: Nootrico is highly reputable and has high-quality products. They offer average prices and costs. You can buy the drug in bulk powder form in quantities of either 10 or 20 grams, which makes the dosage price around 40 cents to $1.20.


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