Is Nootropil Safe or are there Negative Side Effects and Interactions?

is nootropil safe

In the world of cognitive enhancers, there is no drug older or more popular than Nootropil, as it has proven time and again to deliver a number of benefits. Chief among those are the ability to increase cognition and brain function, as well as an effectiveness in the treatment of numerous diseases. Nootropil is more commonly referred to as Piracetam, with many people simply referring to it as the “smart pill.” The drug has been in existence since 1964, but research is still ongoing in an attempt to find new ways that it can help with brain function. Before you decide to try Piracetam for yourself, it’s always a good idea to know about the benefits and potential side effects that may come with extended use. Click here to buy Piracetam online.

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Nootropil Effects:

Piracetam is commonly used in the treatment of patients suffering from the symptoms of degenerative cognitive ailments, with Alzheimer’s disease at the top of that list. The supplement has been used by many patients, with a good number reporting that it helped reduce the symptoms with memory and cognition. Some studies have actually shown that Nootropil is successful at slowing the progression of the disease, but it is far too early to claim that it might be a cure. Dementia patients have also seen benefits from using the supplement.

Where Piracetam is most commonly used is in off-label, or non-medical, issues. There are some doctors in countries across the globe who prescribe Piracetam to patients with certain ailments, but it is more commonly seen as a health supplement by those looking to give their brainpower a little bit of a boost. It is particularly popular with creative types looking to increase their sensory perceptions both visually and audibly. Read any list of Nootropil reviews and you are sure to hear many claims of visual acuity being improved. You will also hear users tell of how the sounds they hear became richer and fuller after taking the supplement.

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Nootropil Reviews and Studies

User reviews and studies also point to improved cognitive processes as a benefit. These usually come in the form of increased memory power, with people able to remember more details about events, written materials, and even dreams. The ability to learn and take in more information is also increased, which is a big help when studying. This all comes about because of the effect that Nootropil has on the brain, which comes in the form of new connections between neurons being made.

That little step, which may seem insignificant to many, is actually where the formation of new memories takes root. The ability to quickly and easily access those memories at a later date can mean a real boost in your ability to learn new things and retain them. Read User Reviews of Piracetam here.

Nootropil also helps increase mental energy, allowing your brain to work at the highest levels imaginable. It is here where improvements and concentration, focus, and clear thinking come into play, as the brain now has the energy to stay focused for longer periods. The neural structure of the brain, known as telencephalon, is directly impacted by Nootropil, and is able to allow you to focus more on a task without being distracted. Nootropil users have also reported having a better mood and being more motivated when using the supplement. This can be very beneficial to those who suffer from stress and even mild forms of depression.


The question that most people have at this point has to do with exactly how it is that Nootropil works. We now know more about the brain than ever before, but there is still some debate as to how it is that Nootropil works in the brain. Most researchers are willing to agree that Nootropil is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and attach itself to acetylcholine receptor sites. That long sounding name is actually a neurotransmitter in the brain that is responsible in many different cognitive processes. The Nootropil boosts the level of acetylcholine activities, which in turn creates faster communication in a number of different brain activities.

The glucose and oxygen levels in the brain also get a boost when you use Nootropil. Both of those are responsible for the energy levels in the brain, which is needed when the acetylcholine levels deliver additional structures. All of that adds up to a healthy brain over the long term, as well as the formation of new neurons. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Piracetam.

Is Nootropil Safe or Dangerous?

Scientifically speaking, Nootropil is considered to be non-toxic. As such, it is impossible to overdose when taking it, and there will be no damage to the nervous system or your organs. That said, some users may end up experiencing a few mild side effects that are really nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Even then, the chances of experiencing these issues are slim, with only 10% of all users complaining that frequent headaches were an issue. The headaches usually come from the brain needing more acetylcholine than the body can naturally provide. You can get around this issue by upping the dosage of Nootropil or stacking it with a high quality Choline supplement. Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, and will help you avoid synapse burn out.

Gastrointestinal issues may also be experienced by a small percentage of users. This side effect is even less common than the headaches and usually occurs when large daily doses are being taken (10 + grams per day). Should you experience stomach issues, simply drop the daily dosage.

The one thing that many people point to as being the most appealing thing about Nootropil is the long term effects and benefits. Research has shown that Nootropil may be responsible for developing new synapses and neural connections in the brain. It is already generally accepted that the supplement helps connected both hemispheres of the brain. As such, it should then be effective in improving cognitive ability over the long haul. The implications of such a thing are astounding, but there still needs to be more research done before any concrete conclusions are reached.


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