Is Phenylpiracetam Safe? Tolerance, Withdrawal and Concerns about Dangers

is phenylpiracetam safe

Is Phenylpiracetam safe or are there dangerous effects associated with this powerful nootropic? Phenylpiracetam has become a very popular supplement among those wanting to improve cognitive functions, increase motivation and boost energy. Smart drugs are now the trend for enhancing everyday performance and especially for those who struggle in school or in their capacity to learn new information. It is known for improving memory, concentration and focus as well as overall alertness. It apparently improves one’s ability for verbal processing which makes this very beneficial as a Smart drug. Click here to buy Phenylpiracetam online.

It also seems to have distinct benefits for athletes due to its ability to enhance physical performance and an athlete’s recovery from possible injuries. There are a lot of people wanting to minimize the effects of stress and find an advantage over competition but the question remains as to whether racetams such as Phenylpiracetam safe to use. Because this is closely related to Piracetam it’s important to know what the potential side effects could be.

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The Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

As mentioned above the main benefits of Phenylpiracetam are reported to be involving a user’s cognitive abilities. As with Piracetam, the user’s mental faculties is often dramatically improved. Phenylpiracetam stimulates the action of Acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter in the brain. Acetylcholine has been determined to be very involved in mental processing and in storing information which enhances attention span and improves memory.

Apparently Phenylpiracetam affects the Hippocampus in increasing the density of the receptors for Acetylcholine. The Hippocampus is the area in the brain used for storing information and knowledge in your long-term memory. Read User Reviews of Phenylpiracetam here.

Another bonus is that Phenylpiracetam apparently provides the user an abundance of energy and motivation while they take on the activities and responsibilities of the day. Reports are that people who take just a small amount of this supplement in the morning find themselves in a much better mood and have a better attitude towards their work. This helps them be less distracted, more productive and much less stressed out. Some people also notice much less mental fatigue after a challenging day and attribute it to that small dose in the morning.

Phenylpiracetam also gets credit for certain physical benefits including a higher tolerance to very cold temperatures as well as a higher threshold to pain. It stands out among racetams due to its stimulating effect on users. Many bodybuilders and other athletes take Phenylpiracetam for the higher threshold for pain and its stress relieving abilities. Their training seems to be more productive with it than without.

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Is Phenylpiracetam Safe?

Much the same side effects occur with Phenylpiracetam as with others in the racetam family of supplements. We all have differing body chemistries so people are going to react differently. However the side effects with this supplement are normally mild and happen only occasionally. Still it’s very important that everyone understand how Smart drugs work and racetams in particular before you take your first dose. Possible side effects should be taken into consideration so that you’re doing this with your eyes open.

Possible side effects are as follows:
• Headaches
• Nausea
• Restlessness
• Irritability
• Cramps
• Gastrointestinal discomfort

It’s possible to suffer from these side effects no matter what new supplement or medication you’re taking so conclusions can’t be drawn that these are associated with Phenylpiracetam in particular. If you find that every time you take this supplement you get a headache the cause may be that the Hippocampus is demanding more Acetylcholine and in that case you can add a choline supplement to take with your dose of Phenylpiracetam. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenylpiracetam.

Drug Interactions and Contraindications

There hasn’t been much, if any known drug interactions between Phenylpiracetam and prescription medications or any other supplements, as with most Smart drugs. But it’s always advisable to be cautious and if you are taking any medication you should check with your physician before you begin a regimen of Phenylpiracetam.

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding it is not advisable to use this supplement or any other racetam since there is just not enough research on the supplement to know for sure that wouldn’t cause detrimental side effects.

Tolerance, Withdrawal, and Addiction Dangers

Phenylpiracetam has not been determined to be addictive physiologically like nicotine or caffeine are, although there are those who report they’ve sensed a psychological dependence after taking it on a regular basis. It should be noted that when this has happened these users have been taking a higher dose than recommended for this supplement. This may be an indication that if users maintain recommended doses there may not be an addictive effect.

Although it may not be physiologically addictive users can develop a very high tolerance for Phenylpiracetam. It is more than 60 times more potent than Piracetam so these supplements are taken in massively different doses. However Phenylpiracetam does develop a tolerance fairly fast when compared to Piracetam. This is why it should not be taken every day. It should be used intermittently when you have a crucial deadline to meet or an important event you’re attending. Using it this way increases the effectiveness of this Smart drug, rather than using it on a regular basis.

Safety Overview

For a number of years Phenylpiracetam has been classified as a prescription medication in parts of Europe. Fairly recently it has begun to gain interest in the UK. Piracetam, the original supplement known as a Smart drug, has been in wide use since the 1960s. Phenylpiracetam was made by taking the Piracetam molecule and adding the phenyl group to it. This increased the efficiency and the potency of the original supplement. Having a stronger potency doesn’t add to the risk factor or the possible side effects because the dosage has been altered accordingly.

When comparing the two, Phenylpiracetam is safe and definitely more effective. It has the added benefit of the stimulating effect creating the physical benefits lacking in Piracetam alone. It’s apparent that Phenylpiracetam does have an advantage over other Smart drugs which has made it a very popular option. Since there are no serious side effects that we know of and it is not thought to be dangerous, there are a lot of advantages for people who want to improve their cognitive and athletic abilities.


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