Is Piracetam Dangerous for Short-Term or Long-Term Use?

Is Piracetam Dangerous

Are there any Piracetam dangers that might happen if you take this nootropic? Piracetam is the name for the compound discovered in 1964, which was researched by a Bulgarian scientist. It was believed that the compound is efficient in generating cognitive enhancement. Its discovery led to the collective class of compounds named – nootropics. The substances are more commonly called as brain supplement, cognitive enhancer and smart drugs. Click here to buy Piracetam online.

Even though Piracetam is popular and well-researched among all nootropics, recognition from outside the scientific community and existing nootropic users is still lacking. The average person may not be able to recognize this supplement despite gaining popularity each day. This led to more concerns about the safety of Piracetam among people who have not tried it yet or had no chance reviewing the literature about this supplement. The question would be – is it safe to use the nootropic piracetam?

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Piracetam is Not Dangerous

Piracetam is a non-toxic compound and extremely safe to use. It provides more benefits for brain function than any risk or danger. It is commonly referred to as the least toxic ingredient discovered years before and has low LD 50 toxicity score than caffeine or the common table salt. Taking up to 8 grams per kilogram body weight, which is equivalent to 500 gram dosage for a person whose weight is 150 pounds, does not result in drug overdose despite being 100x higher than the recommended dosage.

Studies of Piracetam Dangers

In many studies conducted as an attempt to determine the side effects, some subjects were given a placebo – which is a sugar pill – that generate more adverse effects than test subjects who were given Piracetam. A clinical study was also done on rodents that composed of two groups. One group is taking a lethal toxin with Piracetam and another group is taking the same lethal toxin but did not receive any Piracetam. Read User Reviews of Piracetam here.

Ninety percent of the group that takes the lethal toxin without the Piracetam died compared to the 10% that died from a group that took the same toxin plus Piracetam. This means to say that the survival rate of those taking Piracetam is 90%. Therefore, piracetam is safe to administer and will less likely cause dangerous adverse effects. In fact, it can even enhance brain function and mental health.

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What about Side Effects and Long-Term Dangers?

But despite the facts brought by these clinical studies, there are people who still think that Piracetam has serious adverse effects. This stems from the fact that the clinical studies are done under short-term usage only. Only a few researches have been recorded to be under long-term use. This means to say that Piracetam still lacks solid evidence in terms of safety and efficacy over long-term use.

While it cannot be denied that Piracetam can alter brain chemistry that can enhance its function or activity, the lack of evidence is the source of skepticism for some. It is also a fact that Piracetam can increase the effect of other drugs like Ritalin, Adderall, Modafinil or alcohol. These drugs should not be taken in large doses even when Piracetam is taken along with them. Nonetheless, Piracetam is considered extremely safe and non-toxic.

Why Piracetam is not Approved by the FDA

One of the reasons why USA didn’t allow the official use of Piracetam is because of medical bias concerning lifestyle drugs or in this case supplements. The FDA is not going to approved drugs that do not specifically treat certain diseases or improve medical cases. Piracetam is currently being used by healthy individuals to enhance cognitive functions thus it does not fall under the imposed guidelines where drugs are concerned.

The FDA is firm in their belief that healthy people shouldn’t be taking any synthetic pills unless otherwise necessary even though Piracetam showed some benefits to enhancing brain performance. The most common reason is the unknown risk of taking Piracetam, which made it unofficial drug. However, experts believe that the risks of taking Piracetam are negligible or non-existent. This is also probably the reason why your attending physician is not familiar with Piracetam or nootropics in general.

Why you should Take Piracetam

Among all nootropics, Piracetam is believed to be the mildest considering that there are more powerful varieties in the market today. A compound is considered a nootropic agent if it helps protect the brain. It is a kind of supplement or compound that demonstrates a capacity to protect and reverse any damage incurred to the brain cells like in drug abuse. It helps increase blood circulation so the delivery of oxygen is often better and more efficient. It is also believed to prevent neuron destruction within the hippocampus immediately after alcohol withdrawal. The supplement is also considered to minimize short-term memory loss related to marijuana abuse and hypoxia following tobacco use. Check out our guide on the best way to take Piracetam.

Piracetam is also recognized as effective in enhancing a person’s cognitive abilities. It increases memory retention and enhances the individual’s learning capacity. A lot of users claim that they think a lot faster and have longer attention span as well as heightened concentration through the use of Piracetam. There are some people using this supplement that reported an increase in sensory perceptions specifically in visual and auditory areas. Furthermore, it has also been reported that Piracetam can generate positive results in areas of lucid dreaming, where people are actually aware of their dreams and control how it happens.

Piracetam Recreational Use

Lifestyle drugs like Piracetam works typically by providing assistance to the brain in efficiently utilizing neurotransmitters. The supplement works by crossing the blood brain barrier, which will then be absorbed into the CNS. From there, it triggers the release of several neurotransmitters related to mental and cognitive processes. For instance, Piracetam is a mediator for Acetylcholine and Glutamate. Acetylcholine is associated to brain functions including memory retention and development, capacity to learn and increased attention and focus.

Piracetam is also responsible for increased cerebral blood circulation thus allowing your neuron membranes easier to cross. In line with this, nutrients are absorbed easily by brain cells and signals between neurons substantially improve. Piracetam and other nootropics also function similar to antioxidants. Antioxidants are popular in binding with free radicals such as lipofuscin and flush them out from your body’s system.

Lipofuscin is a free radical that can be noticed as age spots. It is the accumulation of waste materials, which have detrimental effects to brain functions such as cognition. By getting rid of these waste materials, Piracetam allows enhanced brain cell functions. In fact, it can also slow down the process of aging in neurons. This means to say that instead of being a danger to one’s brain, this supplement serves as a neuroprotective agent, which will keep your brain functioning at maximum levels.


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