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mega dosing noopept

People want to know the result of taking mega dose of Noopept inducing the side effects as well as normal ones. Mega dose of this medicine is about taking 5 to 10 times stronger, which is much more than regular dose and consumed by people for boosting cognitive development for recreational purposes. People must avoid the mega dose of Noopept and all the types of nootropic composites without having its prior experience and understanding of effects. They need to start from normal dose of this medication. Click here to buy Noopept online.

Though Noopept is known for giving no severe side effects when it is used in higher dose, there may be a lot of risks, while using it in excessive amount. We strongly recommend people to not use it in excessive amounts as they may feel some risks. Consulting a doctor about the related details before opting for the same is the best way to go about it. If you wish to use its mega dose, you must do lot of research about the effects as well.

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Mega Dosing with Noopept

Noopept is a kind of nootropic supplement that is known for acting differently on different people with the same amount of dose. Some people feel a lot of improvement in their reasoning capacity, memory, learning and aptitude by taking 10 MG of Noopept powder, while others do not get any kind of improvement and effect with the same quantity.

The suggested dose of Noopept is between 10 to 30 MG that must be taken around two or three times per day. The ideal dose of this supplement depends upon the tolerance of a person. People who want to reach their goal faster need to determine the quantity of this medicine that suits them the best based on their experience and effects. Read User Reviews of Noopept here.

What if Noopept is Not Working?

Sometimes, people do not feel any benefits of this medication even on higher dose of 50 MG or above. It is better to consume Noopept for at least two weeks constantly in order to get full effects so that you can make better self-evaluation of efficiency of Noopept powder. This supplement needs to be increased in your body gradually for optimization of your cognitive procedures.

One more thing that you should know is that we cannot conduct self analysis ideally. You cannot feel that your memory is increasing or any other benefits in your body system but if you take a third party analysis tool such as Cambridge Brain Training, you may feel some improvement in your performance with time.

In all the cases, people actually wish to feel the effects of nootropics rather than tracking the improvement score. This is where need of mega does exists. The mega dose of this medication can be taken in 100 to 200 MG while in some reviews high dose of 300 mg three times in a day were consumed.

We said it earlier as well that this dose of 300 mg may be harmful for some people so you must avoid this dose until you do not know your tolerance level. You must stay away from taking a mega dose on regular basis since it will reduce the efficiency of the medicine in the longer run. However, a mega dose can be used once a day in a week. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Noopept.

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Experiences with Nootropic Mega Doses

A number of reviews and logs of various users of online communities are available today that are related with mega dose of Noopept. Most people follow the summary provided for using big dose of Noopept powder. It is not important that you also get same result like those reviews as it is a totally personalized substance and give you the effects on the basis of your sensitivity level. Definitely, there is huge difference between the effects and benefits of this medicine as mentioned on various online sites. The best way is to take this information as a common guideline when it comes to using Noopept.

? In some cases, users report that they feel enormous boost in their drive and enthusiasm. Your energy level and self confidence can be on higher level. A user said he felt that he got increased productivity of around 170 percent.
? Users can also feel that their computational and analytical reasoning and intelligence increases after the consumption of the same.
? The biggest advantage of the mega dose of Noopept is immense boost in attentiveness and focus.
? A number of users said that the mega dose of Noopept reduces the signs of depression and helps their minds to avoid negative thoughts. They felt much more peace in their mind. Some users also reported that they felt like spiritual awakening in them and they were capable to attain an insightful peacefulness.
? In a number of reviews, users also mentioned that they experienced reduced stress and anxiety particularly at social front. You become a little careless of what others think about you and do not feel any social inhibition.
? The thinking of a person also changes and he becomes more creative.
? Users feel that music is more sonorous for them and it also cause stronger emotional reaction to them.
? Users also feel more powerful visual insight with bright colors and improved capacity to make out features. A number of people felt that things become more beautiful with vivid details.
? The verbal fluency and aptitude to communicate also get better and it becomes easier for people to converse effectively.

Side Effects of Overdoses

Noopept is known for being non toxic on human body. There are no reports about any kinds of dangerous side effects of using this medication; however, taking bigger dose of Noopept can be very risky. Below are some negative side effects of Noopept.

? One of the most common effects of Noopept is called brain fog that occurs in case of extreme dose of 100 mg every day. Some people reported that they faced lack of mental precision and got too many thought at the same time.
? Some people also felt a reduction in their temporary memory also recognized as working memory.
? People also felt nausea, headaches and other physical symptoms.
? A number of users also experienced that they got their system cleared out both mentally and emotionally for numerous hours after using this medicine.
? You can make a level of tolerance for Noopept faster by using mega dose that can reduce the efficiency in future.

So it is better to know the side effects, risks and benefits of this medicine before using the mega dose. One more important thing is to know is the price. Noopept powder is the low priced nootropics that is available because of its very high attentiveness. On using mega dose of the same, cost for per dose increases.

If you do not feel better by taking 100 mg of Noopept powder that is bigger than normal dose of 30 MG, you should save money by using lower dose. You should remember that a mega dose of nootropic needs to be used occasionally and if possible consult your doctor first before using the same.


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