Noopept Dose Guide: What is the Recommended Daily Dosage?

noopept dose

Although it is not officially a part of the Racetam family, Noopept is a nootropic supplement that is more powerful than Aniracetam and Piracetam. A noopept dose works on the brain the same way that Piracetam does. Brain receptors that produce neurotransmitters are stimulated by this supplement, and brain function is enhanced. Noopept is basically a smart drug that contains plenty of different amino acids. Click here to buy Noopept online.

This unique molecular makeup allows it to be much stronger than other Racetams due to the fact that it is bio-available. This means the noopept dosage you use can be a lot smaller. Noopept has qualities that increase the functioning power of the brain. It allows you to easily learn new things, focus on needed tasks, retain information and reduce anxiety symptoms. As it stands, there aren’t any dangerous side effects that you should be worried about if you take this medication as directed. The following is a guide on how to take Noopept correctly, what the recommended dose is, and the benefits that Noopept provides.

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What is Noopept Used For?

Noopept is a Russian nootropic supplement that was developed in 1970 and patented in 1995 in both Russia and the United States. Its manufacturer is JSC LEKKO Pharmaceuticals. It is not an actual Racetam, but it works in the same manner that Piracetam does. According to “Experiments in Clinical Pharmacology”, a Russian article, Noopept is 1000 times stronger than Piracetam. Noopept is quickly metabolized by your body, and it can cross the blood brain barrier very quickly too. This is one of the main reasons that it is so effective. Thus, you don’t have to take as much of Noopept as with Piracetam.

The Effects of a Noopept Dosage

Noopept works to provide stimulation for the brain receptors that enhance brain function. It works like Racetams and ampakines. When there are more of these two things present in the brain, it means that cognition is also spiked. It results in enhanced synapse plasticity, and this is what you need in order to learn new things and retain memory. Read User Reviews of Noopept here.

Taking a dose of Noopept powder also works to activate dopamine and serotonin receptors. This is why when it is used you can reduce some of your wild mood swings as well. Users who take Noopept say that it is beneficial in many different ways. It gives them more energy, keeps them alert and gives them ability to pay attention. Some believe that Noopept can enhance your reflexes, perception and critical thinking abilities.

The research done on Noopept may be able to provide answers on how to handle Alzheimer’s symptoms in the future. This can be used for other types of cognitive issues too. During animal testing, Noopept produced more nerve growth factor, which is a protein that repairs damaged brain cells and re-grows new ones. When it comes to nootropics, Noopept has some of the best benefits.

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The Correct Dose of Noopept

It is recommended that you take between 10 and 40mg of Noopept each day. This is because it is very potent, which means that you must take no more than this recommended dosage amount.

Not only do you want to be safe, but you also want to get the best experience. This will not happen if you take more than the 40mgs daily. Since there are no known side effects that will cause harm, Noopept dosages are safe when you take the correct amount.

A mega-dose or overdose can produce unwanted side effects such as nausea, fatigue, headaches, stomach problems and insomnia. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Noopept.

Stacks for Noopept Powder

Noopept is a potent supplement that you can use without combining it with any other drugs. However, people like to stack it with other drugs and obtain a combination of benefits.

For instance, it is easy to stack Noopept with Choline supplements such as CPD Choline and GPC.

Be advised that it is even more powerful when you combine it with these types of supplements because this boosts brain function. People also like to use Noopept doses with natural herbal nootropics too. In some of the cases, you will need a smaller amount of Noopept powder when taking in a stack.


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