Where to Purchase Noopept Legally in Canada?

noopept in canada

Noopept is a well known nootropic in Canada used for both improvement of mental function and its neuroprotective ingredients. But finding where to buy Noopept in Canada is sometimes difficult. It also can be hard to determine exactly whether or not Noopept is legal in Canada where you live. There are lots of advantages to this nootropic compared to other ones. For example, it is much cheaper on a dosage basis and you only need a small amount in order to see highly beneficial effects. Click here to buy Noopept online.

The strength of this medicine is just about 1000x that of Piracetam; however, it does not mean that you will get 1000x more mental improvement. You have to take smaller dose for getting better outcomes. Noopept act like other receptors sites in the brain than Racetams so you must take it in smaller dose in order to achieve enhanced memory, improved learning ability, increased focus, better logical thinking function and improved recall. Some people reported that they got slight psycho-stimulatory effect of this medication.

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Noopept Facts and Figures

Noopept was created in a lab in Russia by team of researchers who were trying to create a Pramiracetam prototype. This medication is a peptide that needs to be used orally and go through the blood brain barrier. Government of both USA and Russia approved it as smart drug.

Noopept has some neuroprotective qualities that are effective in improving learning, focus, thoughts and memory. Though the exact system of this medication for neuroprotective effects are not clear, it is found helpful for promoting and stimulating NGH or Nerve Growth Hormone that play an important role in decreasing the neuronal degeneration in hippocampus parts. The hippocampus is considered as important component for spatial navigation and memory consolidation. Read User Reviews of Noopept here.

Noopept also promotes and stimulates the Neurotrophic factor (BDNF) derived from brain that acts for strengthening the expansion and separation of new neurons and synapses. It is also effective in supporting the endurance of neurons. These neuroprotective actions are exclusive to this medication and it needs to be researched more to know the actual functions of these systems in human brain.

Is Noopept Legal in Canada?

Canadian rules for Nootropic medications and substances confirm that you do not need a registered prescription for it. The approved medicines that are according to the regulation of the country have a number – DIN or Drug Identification Number. Noopept is not assigned a Drug Identification Number so it is not a regulated medicine. It neither is inhibited stuff nor is it sold under federal rule.

It means, you cannot import Noopept in Canada for distribution or businesses purpose; however, you may get it in small amount for personal use. The quantity for personal use of Noopept is considered as for one to three months dosage. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Noopept.

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Can You Purchase Noopept in Canada?

Most of people in Canada prefer online medical stores for ordering nootropics. Buying this medication from a company based in USA can decrease the cost of shipping and the time for getting the product to you. You must check the reviews of other users on the website related with shipping speeds, quality and costs, while selecting a nootropic company online. Most of the online stores are aware of legal formalities for shipping this medication to Canada and they will be able to reply you with any question you want to know about shipping.

Noopept can be purchased in bulk powder in amount that ranges from one gram to 50 grams. The suggested dose of this medication is about 10 to 20 MG that should be taken two or three times per day. People who are using it first time are recommended to take only 10 mg then gradually increase the dose to 20 mg if needed.

We suggest buying a scale for measuring the amount perfectly in order to take ideal dose especially when you need to take just 10 mg. Many users said that taking bigger quantity of Noopept does not increase its effects so one should avoid using it in bigger dose.

Best Prices on Noopept Powder

Due to its capability of giving optimal outcomes in lower dose, purchasing Noopept in the quantity of five to ten gram is sufficient. 10 grams of the same can be purchased at the price of $30. On taking higher dose of 20mg every time, the cost will be around .06 cents as per dose. It makes Noopept not just a powerful smart drug but also affordable for users. We think that Noopept is cheapest among effective Nootropics drugs.

Noopept in Canada

Noopept is a legal medicine that does not have DIN in Canada so people do not have permission to buy and use this medicine. However the medicine can be imported in low amount for personal use but not for commercial and distribution purpose. Purchasing it from a trustworthy online store in USA is the easiest and fastest way to get this medication. You can stack Noopept with a fine basis of Choline when you feel headache. Other side effects of this medicine are very light and uncommon. Noopept is a strong, non-toxic and affordable medicine with cognitive increasing and neuroprotective properties.


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