Oxiracetam Safety, Dangers and Negative Side Effects Reported

oxiracetam side effects

Is Oxiracetam safe or can it cause long-term dangers to the brain when used? Numerous researchers have studied the benefits, side effects and potential uses of Oxiracetam, since it appearance in 1980s. If taken in the right dosage, the drug is non-toxic, safe and really effective. Rather than causing adverse side effects, Oxiracetam can also improve the physical health of the brain due to its neuroprotective attributes. Moreover, various researchers are still conducting studies to explore this drug`s potential in curing Alzheimer`s disease and similar illness. Click here to buy Oxiracetam online.

Oxiracetam can also decrease the age-related deficit. However, complimentary supplements, smart drugs or compounds are also necessary when taking Oxiracetam for this particular goal. You can find Oxiracetam in nootropic stacks, mixed with Choline sources, like Alpha GPC, Citicoline or Centrophenoxine. Sometimes adding choline to Oxiracetam can eliminate side effects that may occur such as headaches.

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List of Oxiracetam Side Effects

Like we have stated earlier, there are very rare cases of patients that have experienced side effects after consuming Oxiracetam. However, you will need to change it with other another nootropic in case the side effects cannot be easily remedied.

Nausea, Gastrointestinal distress and dizziness: People who consume more than the indicated dosage usually experience these side effects. Considering the fact that increased doses of Oxiracetam have not been shown to have any kind of added effect, it is not recommended to increase your dosage whatsoever.

If you are experiencing these side effects even if you are taking the recommended dosage, you should stop using this drug in order to allow your system to get back to normal in a couple of days. Read User Reviews of Oxiracetam here.

Insomnia and Nervousness: A couple of users have reported increased irritation, nervousness and trouble sleeping, even though this is not a popularly reported side effect of Oxiracetam. However, nobody knows why some individuals experience these side effects, considering the fact that everyone has a difference system and can react differently to drugs.

The fact is that these side effects are mild and can sometimes go away on their own in a couple of days. In some cases, sleep disturbances and nervousness can be eliminated by adding Aniracetam to the stack. Oxiracetam and Aniracetam create a powerful mix.

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Oxiracetam Headaches

This is practically the most common Oxiracetam side effect. Similar to other racetams, this drug helps increase the production of the neurotransmitters glutamate and can help improve memory function by increasing the production of acetylcholine. In order to keep up with the increased demand, we need enough acetylcholine. When consuming Oxiracetam, people should also take a suitable form of Choline.

The most bio-available Choline supplements are those that contain Alpha GCP and Citicoline. Adding a quality source of Choline to your stack will eliminate the headaches. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Oxiracetam.

Take Oxiracetam in Safe Dosages

It is advisable to take 600mg-800mg each day, at 2 to 3 intervals during one day to prevent side effects of Oxiracetam capsules. Moreover, you need to begin with the lowest dosage, and gradually increase it until you obtain the necessary benefits. Never exceed the recommended dosage.

Users can discontinue the use anytime they want since oxiracetam is not addictive. Some individuals have reported a decrease in effect with long-term usage, even though studies have not demonstrated tolerance with continued usage. In order to minimize the potential for any occurrence of tolerance, you will need to cycle this drug often. You can consume it for two weeks, and then eliminate it for one week, and then you can start consuming it again for 1 week, and stay away from it two weeks.

Oxiracetam is Very Safe

When you are going through periods of intense study, concentration and assimilation of materials, in relatively short periods of time, you can rely on this nootropic supplement. This drug works purely on cognitive function. This racetam is also great for increased intellect, enhanced ability to focus and with special emphasis on increasing the user`s ability for spatial and contextual learning task.

Headache would be the main side effect associated with Oxiracetam, which can be easily cured with a quality source of Choline in most cases. In order to produce an effect in which every component is boosted by the others, Oxiracetam can be stacked with other nootropics. This drug is really safe, effective and features a low incidence of side effects.


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