Using Phenibut to Eliminate Alcohol Hangovers; Cross-Tolerance and Interactions

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Phenibut is a nootropic with a relaxing effect similar to that of small amounts of alcohol. Phenibut works by stimulating the same receptors that alcohol does, so the comparison is fitting. Phenibut is a phenyl derivative of GABA that has been shown to be a potent anxiety reducer that may also improve sleeping patterns and boost cognitive performance. But a bit of caution is recommended when using this nootropic as it can cause some side effects if it is abused or mixed with certain other substances, especially alcohol, which can be dangerous. At the same time, taking Phenibut for alcohol hangovers or withdrawal symptoms has proven very effective. Click here to buy Phenibut online.

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Phenibut and Alcohol

Phenibut is a nootropic developed in Russia and derived from GABA. GABA is a neurotransmitter that is considered to be critical in moderating the stimulation of neurons across the nervous system.

As you probably know, alcohol gets its effects from stimulating GABA receptors as well. When GABA levels in the brain increase, so do feelings of calm and relaxation. People who experience high levels of stress and anxiety sometimes try to use supplements to boost and extend these effects.

GABA is not actually able to cross the blood brain barrier so it is not a good supplement for this purpose. Because Phenibut is derived from GABA, it has many of the same effects and has a chemical structure that is able to cross the blood brain barrier easily.

As Phenibut crosses the barrier into the brain, it stimulates the GABA receptors on the synapses where communication between neurons takes place. Phenibut stimulates two types of GABA receptors, GABA-A and GABA-B. Alcohol also binds with GABA receptors, leading to similar influence on inhibition and a feeling of relaxation. Many users report more pleasant feelings from Phenibut than alcohol.

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The Benefits of Phenibut Powder

One of the primary benefits of Phenibut is that it can ease symptoms of an alcohol hangover. No studies have been conducted to explain this, but the supplement seems to eliminate many of the symptoms like headaches or brain fogginess. This supplement can also help to reduce symptoms that are typically associated with withdrawal from an alcohol addiction. It helps to reset your body’s natural balance of GABA levels while preventing some of the negative effects like anxiety. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

Phenibut’s effects include reducing anxiety, improving cognitive function, neuroprotection, inducing calm and cardioprotection. Phenibut can reduce the stress and anxiety that is a frequent result of excessive neural processing. Some users like to use Phenibut as a tranquilizer or to relax after a busy day. Phenibut has similar effects to those produced naturally by GABA synthesized in the brain and moderates neural communication.

Scientists think that it is the anxiety is the result of not being able to turn off these processes. Phenibut is great for turning down this activity in people who tend to obsess over things or become overwhelmed with negative thoughts.

Phenibut users frequently report feeling calmer and more confident, serene. Users who frequently have cycles of worry report the feelings disappear when taking Phenibut. Besides reducing anxiety, Phenibut may also boost your cognitive performance and mental function. In clinical trials, Phenibut was found to improve brain function, especially in terms of communication between the brain’s hemispheres.

Using Phenibut to Fall Asleep

Taking Phenibut right before bed can promote deeper and higher quality sleep. If you suffer insomnia and frequently end up tossing and turning during the night, Phenibut may be the answer to your sleep trouble. It can also help your turn off your mind to make sleep easier. Research suggests that it may be able to protect against damage to the neurons that is frequently associated with high stress hormone levels. It has also been shown to offer cardioprotective effects that can ease pressure on the heart’s ventricles. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

Dangers of Mixing Phenibut and Alcohol

With the parallels between the effects of Phenibut and alcohol, some users have considered the potential of combining the two to enhance the effects of each. Some users report that when taking Phenibut with alcohol, they needed significantly less alcohol to feel a buzz. It is considered particularly risky to combine Phenibut with alcohol due to an increased risk of unwanted side effects. If you are considering Phenibut, it is strongly recommended that you abstain from using alcohol at the same time.

Alcohol reduces anxiety and stress by stimulating GABA receptors in much the same way that Phenibut does. It also acts as a sedative and helps relax the muscles and lower inhibitions. Excessive stimulation of the GABA receptors, however, can have major health and safety consequences. The combination can cause diminished mental and physical abilities and lead to intense tiredness and even unconsciousness. To avoid these side effects, enjoy your Phenibut and your alcohol separately.

It is wise to avoid recreational drugs and alcohol when using Phenibut. Alcohol influences both the GABA-A and GABA-B receptors, though it affects the GABA-B receptors more mildly, and reduces anxiety similar to Phenibut. When the two substances are combined, the effects are increased, which may have dangerous results. Users who have combined Phenibut with Alcohol report that alcohol feels about three times stronger. Enhancing the effects of alcohol can be risky, especially for individuals with higher alcohol tolerance who drink on an empty stomach.

Withdrawal from Phenibut or Alcohol

While combining Phenibut with Alcohol is inadvisable, users report moderate drinking can be helpful when stopping Phenibut. Phenibut can cause tolerance, which may cause withdrawal if you try to stop. Because of this, Phenibut is better used on an occasional basis, rather than every day. Some individuals who use Phenibut more frequently will drink a little alcohol each day in the days after stopping Phenibut to help reduce dependency and minimize withdrawal. This is inadvisable, so if you choose to do this, be aware of the risk and exercise caution.


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