Phenibut Dosage Guidelines and Recommendations to Avoid Tolerance

phenibut dosages

If you want to get best results of the effective brain supplement called Phenibut, you have to select the best dose for you. Phenibut dosages that are too low will not produce any benefits while doses that are too high can cause serious problems. Phenibut is a natural Nootropic supplement that has a number of helpful effects related with getting better mood and increased cognitive performance. This supplement is a customized version of GABA that is a brain chemical. Click here to buy Phenibut online.

GABA is an essential neurotransmitter that is identified as the major inhibitory transmitter found inside central nervous system and brain. The GABA chemical is effective in reducing the stimulation stage within brain. It produces over active neurons for lessening the firing rate and giving a relaxing effect free of anxiety not only within the brain but in whole body.

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What is Phenibut?

Phenibut supplement are distinct as adding a Phenyl ring that is included to the GABA particle. It performs a number of things to Phenibut (Noofen); however, the major effect is that it allows supplement to enter in the blood barrier. GABA is so helpful in crossing the Brain blood barrier when it is taken in form of oral supplement.

Phenibut dosages are highly effective delivery system for GABA that is able to change central nervous system. GABA plays a very important role in brain so if you carelessly take the dose of Phenibut or take it more than one time in a day, you can reduce its optimal performance in cognitive actions. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

Why Do People Take Phenibut?

Possibly the most renowned benefit of this supplement is connected with getting better relaxation and calmness of mind. Phenibut helps in reducing the stress level and nervousness. We all know that anxiety is a result of overactive neuron action caused by overstimulation of particular neural path. This supplement has (due to its quality of GABA-like procedure) the capability to calm down the unnecessary neuron firing.

Some users reported that this supplement helped them to get better cognitive performances including prolonged learning aptitude, better memory, and capability to recall memories easily and faster. Some reports also confirmed that Phenibut is supportive in improving neuronal communication between two brain hemispheres.

In a number of cases, it also helps in getting better problem solving skills and innovative thinking. It allows people to get better sleep and wake up with more refreshed and rested feel. Phenibut is better substitute of insensitive sleeping tablets and a lot of other unnatural chemicals.

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Does Not Cause Harm to the Brain

Some reports also stated that Phenibut is effective in protecting the brain and neurons from certain injuries. Phenibut tells us the big difference between accurate Nootropic supplements and only cognitive enhancers. The damage in Neuronal cell is caused by high level of stressed hormones and when maintenance is not performed to get it repaired. Phenibut is effective in relieving the potential damage of Neuronal cell by making sure that the hormones related with stress are low and helps you to feel calm and relaxed. The added advantage of this supplement is that it also helps you to safeguard your heart by reducing strain on ventricles.

Phenibut Dosage Suggestions

Before purchasing this nootropic supplement, you must know that it is very strong supplement. You need to be very careful, while deciding the dose and schedule for its intake. Remember, in order to make your body compatible with it or creating a tolerance level, you should avoid using it regularly. You need to take it only two times in a week or make a routine of using on gaps. It will make sure that your body avoids increased level of GABA activity otherwise too much use can cause withdrawal signs of this supplement. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

You are suggested to take this supplement between 250 MG to 1000 MG of capsule or powder forms every day. According to some users and clinical tests, a 250 MG to 3000 MG Phenibut dose is safe to be used. No doubt, a new user is recommended to start with lowest dose of this supplement. This starting dose of new users should be below than even 250 MG.

It will allow body to regulate it according to the GABA level. You can test or experiment within the range of 250 MG to 1000 MG; however, it is not advised to cross the limit of 1,000 mg every day. You must gradually increase the dose and watch the effects at minimum level of Phenibut dose before increasing the same.

When to Take Phenibut Powder

Some people take this supplement at the time of evening rather than consuming it in more useful hours like morning. You should stay away from dividing your dose in smaller direction because Phenibut has quite long duration and it works in the system for long hours unlike other Nootropics supplements.

In addition, this supplement is soluble in water so you have many choices for using it such as combine the powder with some juice and water, or you can consume tablets or make your own capsules with powder. The taste of Phenibut is sour and powerful particularly in form of powder.

Dosing to Prevent Side Effects

The side effects of all the supplements are related with dosage and how it is being taken. Phenibut is known as the safe formula if it is taken in lower dose of 250 or 500 mg. If you take this supplement in higher dose of more than 2000 MG every day, it will give severe side effects like some other components of GABA stimulators have. Some general side effects are light-headedness, stomach discomfort, fatigue, headaches and nausea. The severe side effects of Phenibut dosages occur when it is taken in excess and include unconsciousness and memory loss. We mentioned earlier that this nootropic supplement can be quickly tolerated so you must use your dosage on irregular basis.


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