Phenibut for Sleep Reviews, Dosages and Side Effects

phenibut for sleep

Phenibut is used by a number of people to promote relaxation and improve their sleep at night. It has a kind of aminobutyric acid, also sold as brand name Noofen. It was intended in Russia and being used since 1960 for removing stress and nervousness. Initially this supplement was created for astronauts in order to help them eradicate anxiety during their visit to space for extensive period. One more benefit of this supplement is that it makes it easy for people to fall asleep and attain profound and relaxing sleep. You are also able to have lucid dreaming, while using Phenibut as a sleep medication. Click here to buy Phenibut online.

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Why Does Phenibut Work as a Sleep Aid?

Phenibut is an imitative of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter within the brain. While GABA alone is not used as a supplement so it is not able to get into the brain. Phenibut allows molecular construction to get through the blood brain barrier. Less research has been done on Phenibut and they give different views on the same. According to some reports, this supplement is able to improve neurological activities, while others reported that it does not give any such effect. It is difficult to believe on any particular research.

Though, there are no sufficient proofs to decide that Phenibut is effective in increasing the neurological functions or not, all the studies have accepted that it has anxiolytic effects. A number of reviews by various users stated that it give them benefit of getting better relaxation. Phenibut restrains the sense of ease, while treating anxiety that helps people to sleep quickly and get profound and more relaxed sleep.

Promoting Relaxation and Calmness

There is limited research detail when it comes to knowing the benefits of this supplement. However, according to some researches, Phenibut can improve the relaxation and wellbeing feeling. It helps people to remove stress that is caused by procedures of overactive neural. Phenibut is able to help you be more focused and attentive.

Some users reported that they felt more relaxed with thoughts and feelings. They said it was like tranquillity for them. Some users said that they were feeling worried in social circle, while things were different in past as they used to feel uncomfortable. Phenibut allows people to be relaxed and stay away from the anxiety by helping them to recover from needless inhibitions. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

Phenibut is also effective in increasing the dopamine level. Dopamine is an important factor in regulating the learning and movement. There are also reports about better brain function by using Phenibut, especially improving actions in brain hemispheres. This supplement has capability to get better problem solving skills and reasoning level. Dopamine additionally cause better impulse control and increase your potential to be focused for extended time.

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Reviews of Phenibut for Sleep

If you take correct dose of Phenibut, it will also give you better and more relaxed sleep at night. If you feel the problem of waking up in midnights and get trouble while sleeping properly or you sleep only for few hours, then you can take Phenibut to get over from any of these problems. It has anxiolytic properties that help your body to be more relaxed and give you profound sleep.

People who are suffering with insomnia can get benefits using this supplement. According to a research in Russia, Phenibut is helpful in curing insomnia by calming users with effects like valium. We cannot ignore the importance of good sleep for having better brain activity and performance.

Sleep is also essential for various procedures related with body and brain protection and memory consolidation. That is why Phenibut use is helpful for promoting sleep that cause improved cognitive function. Phenibut is also used sometimes to help promote lucid dreaming states which can have a lot of benefits for mood. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

Best Phenibut Dose for Sleepiness

Though this supplement gives positive effects, it can give you a lot of side effects as well if used improperly. The recommended dose of Phenibut for sleep is 300 milligrams. You must avoid using exact quantity in starting and also stay away from mixing it with any other supplements related with GABA like Alcohol. You need to keep away from consuming alcohol during use of this supplement.

You should also avoid taking Phenibut regularly since it will give added problems of withdrawal and tolerance. It is best to use this supplement for sleep aid occasionally so you do not become addicted or dependent. You do not want to worsen your insomnia with improper use.

If you want to increase you dosage, you should gradually enhance the dose with time. When people feel less effects of this supplement they can increase the dose to over 2.5g. You are suggested not to exceed the dose of 1000mg in a day since Phenibut can generate sensation of exhaustion and you should avoid taking it in daytime. As a sleep medication, people are recommended to take this supplement one or two hours before sleeping. It will make sure that Phenibut gets sufficient time to reach to your brain and start working.

Does it Work for Everyone?

Though research related with this supplement is not enough, more and more studies and reports are happening continuously to know about it. You must be aware of the current information of researches about this anxiolytic supplement. On the whole, a lot of details are presently available about Phenibut but they are not dependable. The reviews are very exceptionally revealing and informative; however, you must look for perfect sources like scientific research to get further information about Phenibut for sleep.

Some users also reported that this supplement is truly effective in treating anxiety and stress and you can get good and restful sleep as well by using it in proper dose. Phenibut is an efficient medication helpful for sleep too but you should remember to use it in cycle and stay away from using more than suggested dose.


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