Phenibut Hangover Symptoms, Duration, Side Effects and Cure

phenibut hangover

If you take Phenibut with empty stomach, before having your food and with alcohol you are at the risk of facing Phenibut hangover. You must also avoid taking the overdose of this medicine. Over time, this can cause withdrawal symptoms or short-term problems the day after you use it. But it does not have to be this way. There are some basic steps that you can use to prevent these side effects from occurring the next day. Here we will describe some easy tips to avoid the agonizing next-day Phenibut hangover. Click here to buy Phenibut online.

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Take Phenibut with Plenty of Liquids or Food

You should take phenibut powder or capsuleswith healthy food. You can also combine the powder in juice or water to fend off the hangover signs. While taking this drug, it is essential to eat healthy food and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and take great care of your body. It is always good to pamper yourself.

Split Up Doses More Frequently

You might be aware of a well known way of losing weight – replacing the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner with five tiny meals to be eaten with smaller intervals. Though this method of dieting is not proved, it is an effective trick to alleviate unwanted morning-after side effects of phenibut.

Larger dose (1 – 1.5 grams) of this medicine is more harmful when it is taken at one time. According to my experience, dividing a 1.5 gram dose in several doses to be taken in a few hours can give positive effects especially in reducing anxiety and getting better social interaction.

Stay away from larger doses of more than three grams, especially at one time since they can cause a big hangover that lasts till the next day. These dosages are planned according to the experience of several users; however, everyone reacts in a different way on the same dose and so you must plan your dosing schedule. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

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Take Phenibut in Smaller Doses

A number of users experienced that phenibut gives positive effects on taking in lower amount of 200 MG. Men who have weight around 200lbs need to take five percent of the suggested dose. 200 and 500 MG doses are effective in reducing nervousness and allow you to be comfortable in social circles or group of people. It will make talking and communicating with others more pleasing.

Avoid Mixing Phenibut with the following Substances

You must know the interaction of drugs, while taking any kind of substances especially when there is no information about the effects of drugs. In most of the cases, supplementary drugs reduce the effects of phenibut dose and cause many side effects.

Phenibut can increase few effects of anesthetics including (barbiturates, chloral hydrate and ether) along with morphine, diazepam and alcohol. It also interacts with interconnected drugs like GHB and opiates. Some members from the community of said that taking this drug with gentle or profound opiates can increase the effects. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

The Following Supplements Should not Be Combined Either

In comparison, using phenibut in combination with some stimulants such as caffeine or amphetamines can reduce anxiolytic effect for some time, but users can feel nervousness and restless after some time. These kinds of interactions can cause panic attacks and worsen the effects of phenibut hangover. You must avoid Phenylethylamine (PEA) and a lot of its imitative drugs as these are potent stimulants.

In a number of reports, it was found that phenibut harmfully reacts with epilepsy drugs. If anyone is diagnosed with any kind of chronic sickness or if he or she is taking any unusual medicine, this supplement must be avoided. If you are not worried about drug combination, you should turn to easy method for defending against the Phenibut hangover.

Use of other Beta-Blockers to Decrease Phenibut Withdrawal Symptoms

A deliberate but useful reduction is needed for successfully minimizing the phenibut withdrawal symptoms both in long as well as short term; however, it may be difficult for some users especially if they are doing it themselves.

Fortunately, there are some beta blockers available today that can reduce the severity of Phenibut Withdrawal signs. The leading drug is known as baclofen and can be used before the withdrawal time of the drug is over. It is an effective way and recommended by many people who take phenibut to reduce their social nervousness.

Baclofen is frequently recommended to people in order to decrease their GHB withdrawals. You must consult your doctor before using Baclofen as a temporary substitute to recover from phenibut withdrawals. You must be careful since baclofen is addictive for some people. If you do not want to discuss about using phenibut with your doctor, you can tell him that you want aid for reducing the effects of GHB so you wish to take baclofen. If you tell your doctor about using phenibut, he may not prescribe baclofen to you.

Baclofen works in same way of phenibut, it goes in same receptor called GABA and thus it is effective in reducing phenibut’s withdrawals. Risk of becoming addictive to baclofen is as high as the possibility of phenibut addiction in users that advise a related resemblance for the GABA receptor.

Some Anxiolytics to Decrease Phenibut Withdrawal

Kava is extremely helpful in reducing the phenibut hangover. It is protected, non addictive and an anxiolytic herb that you can use all the time for phenibut withdrawals. Kava does not help you to completely eradicate the withdrawal and not work like other medication we told earlier; however, it can assist to reduce the side effects and remove Phenibut hangover. Kava is available for business in different forms like Instant Flavored Kava Root Powder and kava paste.

Never Combine Phenibut with Alcohol

You must also avoid drinking alcohol at this phase for below reasons. The first effect is, an alcohol hangover just worsen your condition. For this reason, you must stay away from using anything that can cause a hangover or leave you with negative effects through your hangover time.

The second reason to avoid alcohol is it helps in lowering your inhibition so you will not care about your kick and sombreness any longer; particularly when you drink in excess. You can easily get reversion on Phenibut. It will just extend your phenibut withdrawal and make things worse. In addition, alcohol acts on similar receptors called GABA B where phenibut also works and consuming alcohol increase the withdrawal for next day and finally drags out the procedure.


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