Phenibut HCL Crystals and Granules Usage Instructions

phenibut hcl crystals

The appropriate starting dose for phenibut HCL crystals is 250mg. Determining the ideal dose for each individual depends on a number of specific factors. Those who weigh more and with a higher BMI can safely take higher doses. Gender is an important consideration as women react very differently to phenibut. All else being equal, the dose for women can be from 10% to 80% as the dose for men and provide the same results. Other factors for the proper Phenibut HCL granules dosage include:

• Health History
• Ethnic Background
• Current Medications
• Age is a minor consideration

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How to Use Phenibut HCL Crystals

Unfortunately the purity of phenibut varies greatly between different products, brands and manufacturers. Due to this it is best to start out at the very lowest recommended dose and increase incrementally over time. For every user it is recommended that they assume that there is a perfect dosage for time and through trial and error and with patience they will figure it out.

As users test dosages of phenibut HCL they should take it when they’re in a good mood and when they’re in a bad mood. They should try it after a solid’s night’s sleep and when they haven’t had enough. They should take it when they have an empty stomach and when they’re full. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

Combining Phenibut Granules in a Stack

When phenibut crystals are approached like this users are freed up to try a variety of scenarios without becoming anxious about whether or not it’s working or if it’s good or bad for them. Combining phenibut with other sleep-aids and anxiolytics can be helpful. The following are list of those we have determined to be safe:

• Theanine
• Omega-3s
• Inositol
• CDP-Choline + DHA
Valerian root

You should only take phenibut in combination with something else after you have established the correct dosage for you. When taken in combination the effects will be increased and so will the side effects.

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Taking Phenibut HCL as a Sleep Aid

Swallow phenibut crystals 2 to 3 hours before bedtime for the full effect. Most reports indicate that users may lay awake while waiting for phenibut to take effect, they don’t seem to be overly sleepy but they do slip rapidly into a sound sleep once the supplement takes effect.

As you gradually increase the dose while determining the proper dose, make sure you take notes on the exact circumstances and times. Start at ¼ the maximum dosage and then gradually increase until you are where you need to be about a week later. Do not exceed the maximum dosage. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

Phenibut powder granules is very effective as a standalone supplement for calming anxiety and inducing sleep. But when you look at the ingredients contained in a number of supplements for growth hormones, you’ll see that phenibut has been included. Mixing amino acids with phenibut can be very advantageous for developing muscles and growth in general.

Be Cautious of the Following When Using Phenibut HCL:

• Phenibut can produce severe symptoms of withdrawal – Because of the tendency for new users to want to avoid pain at all cost they tend to overcompensate when trying medications to relieve anxiety.

• For those with insomnia, Phenibut won’t provide the solution immediately – It takes time but it can give you some temporary relief that can definitely lead to an improvement in your life. If you suddenly stop taking phenibut after having used it for a long period of time, then your insomnia will probably return.

Take the minimum dosage of phenibut and if you determine that an increase is needed, then do it gradually week-by-week and even month-by-month.

Phenibut Crystals for Bodybuilders and Weightlifters

Serious bodybuilders and weightlifters are usually able to take more phenibut than average users, without building up a tolerance at the usual rate. It’s been determined by the bodybuilding community that this is probably due to them having more lean muscle mass. However it’s also possible that an increased awareness of the mind/body interaction in this community contributes to this.

Phenibut HCL Granules for Panic Attacks

It’s not clear whether phenibut can prevent or even stop a panic attack. There have been anecdotal reports of people stopping a panic attack by drinking a large amount of it dissolved in liquid. We were unable to substantiate these reports. There are some lists on Amazon related to panic attacks which mention taking combinations of different anxiolytics, but again we cannot conclude that taking Phenibut Hydrochloride crystals alone could prevent or stop a panic attack.


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