What are the Nootropic Effects of Phenibut for Memory and Mood?

phenibut nootropic effects

Phenibut is a nootropic that is used by many different people. The FDA categorizes it as a dietary supplement. It is a commercial product that helps with depression, anxiety and stress; however, it is no longer sold on certain internet sites like Amazon.

Many different manufacturers market Phenibut either in a powder or capsule form. Click here to buy Phenibut online.

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Phenibut Nootropic Effects

Phenibut has a number of nootropic effects which means that it works to decrease stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression related symptoms. It also works to improve your memory and intellect, helping many people to focus and improving scores on tests at school.

Many students say it help them combat test-taking anxiety and makes it easier to give important presentations at University. Not everyone views Phenibut as a pure nootropic since its main effects are on mood as opposed to intelligence, buts studies have verified these effects time and time again.

Phenibut has properties that make it easier for you to relax and sleep at night. The amount of Phenibut that you should take each day will depend on things such as what you want to achieve, your level of intolerance, how much you weigh and whether or not you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

When it comes to Phenibut, it is one of the most well known and used nootropics supplements available. It is also referred to as a cognitive enhancer, functional food and nutraceutrical.

You can rest assure that it is a top notch product. When product batches enter the US, they are subjected to high performance liquid chromatography testing in order to ensure that they are pure. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

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Phenibut Nootropic Powder

So, if the product claims to be 99.9 percent pure, then you can rest assured that this is true due to HPLC testing. Basically, you only need about one gram in order to sleep, but once you have increased your tolerance level to Phenibut, you might want to increase it to 2 or 2.5 grams.

Phenibut is ideal for the person who suffers from extreme social anxiety or low mood swings. It is also good if you want to improve your performance level or intelligence. However, there are some things that you should know before you begin taking Phenibut:

Do not take more than the recommended amount, which is about three to four grams.
• Do not take Phenibut two days in a row.
• Do not take Phenibut more than four times per week.

It is important that you follow directions while taking Phenibut. Please read the directions for yourself when it comes to how much you should take. Do not rely on the information that you have heard about nootropics.

Phenibut Side Effects and Tolerance

But, it is good to know that users don’t have to worry about being subjected to toxins while taking this supplement. However, if you take more than the recommended dosage it will make you feel sick to the stomach. You could also become addicted under these circumstances. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

If you are using Phenibut more than twice a week, and you are taking more than the recommended amount, you will probably start to build up your tolerance level. This means that you will experience withdrawal symptoms as a result. This causes dizziness, queasiness, disorientation and overall sickness. Basically, it will just double the symptoms that you are trying to relieve by taking Phenibut.

So, if it is imperative that you take Phenibut to relieve anxiety and get a good night of sleep, make sure that you follow the directions for taking this supplement. Take the recommended dosage, do not take it for longer than twice a week and do not take it two days consecutively.

Phenibut Compared to Other Nootropics

Phenibut works so well because it is similar to GABA. It has a B-carbon, which is a phenyl group. So, it can easily go through the blood brain barrier with good results. This is good for those who are depressed, sleep deprived, anxious or have low perseverance.

Do you need to take a nootropic supplement that is effective and pure? Then you should try Phenibut because it is affordable and available in different sizes, which makes it convenient for you to buy the amount that you need for a good price.

Where is Phenibut Available for Purchase?

Phenibut is a very popular brand because it is very inexpensive and is still considered to be almost one hundred percent pure.

Believe it or not, most other online brands cannot make this claim. You can get it on Amazon or straight from other vendors via its website. It does not matter if you are having troubles sleeping or suffering from anxiety, Phenibut can help you to sleep and be ready for any type of social function.


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