Negative Phenibut Side Effects – Prevalence and Prevention

phenibut side effects

Phenibut has become extremely popular in recent years, which is easily documented by the huge rise in people discussing this nootropic supplement in online forums. What’s alarming is that there is very little reliable information on Phenibut, either online or coming from the medical community. This is especially true when it comes to information on proper dosages or safety. Are there Phenibut Side Effects and what can you do to prevent or reduce their prevalence? Click here to buy Phenibut online.

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Phenibut for Anti-Anxiety Effects

Phenibut has developed a reputation as one of the most effective anti-anxiety supplements on the market, being sold over the counter without a prescription. Although it has a strong pharmacological profile the details are not very well known, although legal.

For something that seems miraculous in terms of relieving stress and anxiety, working to sharpen the mind as an effective cognitive enhancer as well as improving memory and even as a sleeping aid, the question still remains about its safety. With that in mind should people look for another nootropic even if it’s slightly weaker?

In carefully looking at the research there are very few documented side effects that have been reported on this supplement. But there have been some users who have gone online and made posts about having had some mild unpleasant side effects. How Phenibut works, the risks of possible side effects and what can be done to prevent them are questions that need answering. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

Pheibut’s Effects on GABA

Phenibut works because it has the ability to penetrate and cross the blood-brain barrier. It then chemically binds to the GABA receptors inside the brain. Phenibut is actually an altered version of GABA, which is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter in the brain. The only factor in Phenibut that makes it chemically different than GABA is the added phenyl otherwise their chemical makeup is utterly identical.

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As with GABA, once it begins acting on the central nervous system it has a calming effect on the brain and nervous system removing the tension and anxiety. It works by desensitizing the neurons sending messages between various areas of the brain. The result is that only the most vital messages are transmitted.

Because extraneous information and transmissions are blocked the brain and nervous system are not over stimulated and instead calmed down, reducing anxiety levels and preventing over stimulation. Of course, if you take too much Phenibut it can cause side effects related to excessive GABA stimulation.

Effects on Dopamine

In addition to binding to the GABA receptors in the brain Phenibut also partially binds to the Dopamine receptors, which is also very helpful. Dopamine is just as, if not a more powerful neurotransmitter than GABA, which controls our moods and regulates our pleasure/pain center. Because Dopamine is uniquely connected with our ability to perceive pleasure in the brain the fact that Phenibut partially binds to the Dopamine receptors is significant.

Dopamine also influences the areas of the brain that control our ability to focus and pay attention. By taking Phenibut the levels of Dopamine increase which brings about an elevated mood and increased motivation. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

Phenibut Benefits for Mood and Stress

Without a doubt the most important benefits of taking this nutritional supplement are a decrease in the levels of stress and anxiety in the individual. It has also been claimed by a number of users that Phenibut has alleviated their feelings of depression. Because the degree of depression is measured on a continuum it may not be that surprising as Phenibut does bring about a greater sense of calm and well-being.

In the majority of people taking Phenibut there is an improvement in sleep, relieving certain sleep disorders and even eliminating insomnia. It’s been known to enhance lucid dreaming and help you the next morning feel less tired and more refreshed. The other benefits attributed to Phenibut which are common to nootropics are of improving memory and the ability to concentrate as well as to sharpen cognitions.

Side Effects of Phenibut that are Typical

There are a few side effects of Phenibut that are commonly experienced by users. There are some considered to be “good”:
• Having nootropic properties
• Increases extroversion
• Is stimulating

And there are those side effects considered “bad”:

Causes one to withdraw
Has a hangover effect

Phenibut affects everyone differently and in varying degrees a there is a whole spectrum of possible side effects in reality.

Side Effects for Sleep

There are users reporting changes in their usual dream patterns, which is quite interesting. It could be that because REM sleep may be increased by taking Phenibut people are now more vividly remembering their dreams. Not everyone will say this is a negative side effect of Phenibut.
This seems to be a “two-edged sword” as some users of Phenibut report they’ve had nightmares as a result and they’re occurring every night. However some people report the opposite that their dreams have improved and are more enjoyable. The majority of users sleep more deeply and when they awaken they feel alert, rested and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Very Uncommon is Limb Pain or Slight Numbness

A very few number of users have reported limb pain a few hours after taking Phenibut and others have reported a feeling of numbness, but these reports are very few and far between. The pain is described as feeling odd and unnatural, starting from “deep” within their bones. It does subside and go away in some cases but others just reduce their dose or even take a break from Phenibut.

Feeling of Drowsiness

Phenibut has been known to cause drowsiness in some people or excessive fatigue. This seems to occur when taking it at particular times during the day. Some users feel like all their movements are in slow motion. Others feel like it takes them longer to form their thoughts. When questioned more closely it’s usually because they’ve increased their dosage too much which lead to side effects.

The only way to monitor your dosage is to write down how much you’re taking and then be aware of any possible side effects. Write everything down so that you can adjust the dosage for optimum results. Everyone’s body reacts differently so what works for one person will not necessarily be right for you.

Avoid Tolerance to Phenibut

People do build up a tolerance for most supplements. You should be aware that this is a very common side effect, which is NOT good. This is a real risk and when this happens and you begin to take more and more in order to get the desired effect, there is always going to be the potential for withdrawal. This makes it doubly important to note how much you’re taking and be cognizant of the effect it’s having on you.

When you start to notice that the effects are on the decline that is an indication you’re building up a tolerance. To combat this you might want to take Phenibut in cycles, three days on and three days off. This will clean out your system and reset your receptors so they don’t become dependent on the supplement. When you decide it’s time to stop taking Phenibut you may want to stagger your dosage to minimize the side effects associated with withdrawal. You should definitely not go “cold turkey”.


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