Phenibut Versus Picamilon Comparison: Which is the Best Supplement for Anxiety?

Phenibut Versus Picamilon

Phenibut and Picamilon are two of the most common anxiolytic supplements that are often compared to each other, but they do not have identical mechanism of actions within the human brain nor do they have the very same effects on its users. Both these nootropics are known to eliminate signs related to anxiety and stress, while boosting a person’s focus and encouraging more effective cognitive processing. Click here to buy Phenibut online.

Phenibut and Picamilon are both compounds from GABA; this means that they both enhance activities within the GABA neurological system. The only difference is in their chemical system and also a few benefits that each of these supplements has to offer. Although many of both nootropics effects are the same, users will experience a very different effect when they compare the two. How can a user tell what the prime distinctions are between this two supplements and how will you be able to choose the correct one for you?

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Phenibut vs. Picamilon

How do Phenibut differ from Picamilon? Similar to Picamilon, the Phenibut compound is known to be a derivative of GABA. This nootropic drug was also established in Russia, the main goal was to help treat patients that suffered from anxiety and to improve factors of GABA that are inside the brain. When you take a GABA capsule as a single compound you will not see many results for the improvement in your mood and releasing negative tension as this compound will not be able to enter or target the brain cells.

The transportation is therefore impaired by a physiological filtration network, the blood brain barrier. The Picamilon supplement are able to enter this barrier because niacin molecule is present, meanwhile Phenibut enters the blood brain barrier due to the fact of added phenyl rings to the GABA system. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

Benefits of Phenibut Capsules

The Phenibut supplement is known to be more like a pure reliever for anxiety as it may not consist out of any stimulatory factors which may include niacin. Phenibut does not contain a similar extend of any sedative effects in comparison to other supplements that might be taken for anxiousness. Many users of Phenibut says that it helps them to feel much calmer and in control without having any tranquillizer effects.

Some users have reported a case of fatigue and drowsiness, this is very rare and it is way less than which you would normally experience when you use benzodiazepine. Phenibut and baclofen have the same effects; however it is known to be much less powerful in milligrams of the recommended daily dose.

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How Phenibut Works in the Brain

Phenibut is carefully monitored to combine with the GABA receptors that are inside the brain and the enhancing neurotransmitter elements that the neurons release. The most common opinions that you will come across on the online forums is that the most important difference between Picamilon and Phenibut is that Picamilon activates GABA A receptors, while Phenibut activates GABA B receptors.

Certainly this is not the whole truth; Phenibut is known to be great opposes at metabotropic GABA B synapses, but if you use a higher dosage it is also considered to be great opposes at the inotropic GABA receptors. Studies proved that Phenibut can promote the Dopamine within the brain while modulating the results of Phenyl ethylamine or PEA. Both this compounds lead to improvement in mood, focus and motivation and reduces stress levels. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

What is Picamilon in Comparison?

Picamilon is considered to be a dietary nootropic that unites GABA and niacin, which then offers you a GABA prime supplement. GABA is the most crucial neurotransmitter within the human brain that encourages relaxation and help keep anxiety away. It also provides a regular effect on the neuronal excitement inside the brain and it helps to balance stimulation that may lead to anxiousness and negative thoughts. Picamilon was originally developed in 1969 at the All-Union Vitamins Scientific Research Institute by the Soviet Union.

Scientist carefully monitored the effect that the combination of niacin (which is a Vitamin B) and GABA had on a user. It had the power to enhance this nutrient that reaches the brain, which prevented anxiousness and helped promote your mood and give you a calm feeling.

From the moment that Picamilon enters your cerebrum, it is dissolve both into GABA and niacin. This will allow both niacin and GABA to be broken into separate parts where both can easily exert their different signals that are sent by your brain. The GABA elements will help in activating the GABA receptors which may produce an anxious response, identical to when a user take Phenibut. Another element that is release is called Niacin and it works like a vasodilator. Here you can easily tell that Picamilon and Phenibut differ.

Positive Effects of Picamilon

Niacin is considered to improve the blood that flows to the human brain that promotes a more effective function of an individual’s neurons which also leads to improve alertness and improves mentality. It also makes it a lot easier to stay focused and improve attentiveness and you’re reasoning skills, due to the fact that it has a bit of a stimulatory effect.

Niacin may also be monitored to see how well it can eliminate toxins from the human brain, enhance regular neurological maintenance and may be used in treating patients that suffers from migraine headaches. The combination of GABAergic activities with Niacin mechanism of action, allows the Picamilon nootropic to create a sense of calm feeling and help sustained concentration.

In the US Picamilon will be sold as a dietary substance, but in Russia you will need a prescription to purchase this supplement. It is prescribe for numerous conditions such as: Treatment Ischemic Stroke survivors; Chronic insufficiency of blood flow; Depression; Vasoneurosis; Asthenia; Senile Dementia; Alcohol Withdrawal; Migraines and Brain Trauma like contusions or concussions.

Differences Between Picamilon and Phenibut

What will be the right way for you to determine whether you should make use of Phenibut or Picamilon to help you cope with your anxiety and to improve your cognitive abilities? There are many reviews from users online that proves that Phenibut and Picamilon are both very effective when it comes to treating symptoms of anxiety, although Phenibut is considered to have a slight bit better effect when it comes to treating conditions related to anxiety.

If you are looking for a supplement that will help you get rid of insomnia than Phenibut will also be a much better option for you, because Picamilon helps to improve alertness in users .Picamilon is a better choice if a user is looking to see results that will improve their focus and mental abilities. You may come to find that that many individuals take 50-500 mg of the Picamilon supplement on a daily basis as it is a very potent compound, while Phenibut is usually used in volumes of 250 mg to 1500 mg in a single day.

User Reviews of the Two

If we observe carefully we will notice that Phenibut is much more popular out of these two supplements. Phenibut has been well researched and has been used often by many people, you also won’t struggle to find this supplement unlike Picamilon which is very difficult to find online. You will find online, that there are more stories reported on side effects and withdrawal symptoms of Phenibut, this can be due to Phenibut being used more often than Picamilon.

There are many users that switch these two supplements. They will make use of Picamilon during the day to help them stay alert and focused and during the evenings they will use Phenibut to give them a relaxing feeling and help them to sleep better at night. Your best option will be to determine why exactly you want to use these supplements, then you can try both and see what effects they will have on you. Both these supplements Phenibut vs. Picamilon have a great potency and can be very beneficial to you when you use it properly and in the correct dosage.


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