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phenotropil reviews

Phenotropil – more commonly known as Phenylpiracetam – was developed in Russia about 3 decades ago and falls into the classification of a recetam. It’s used to improve cognitive functioning as well as a stimulant. This nootropic was largely confined to Russia until 2006 when it garnered worldwide publicity after athlete Olga Pyleva was disqualified from the Olympics when she tested positive for this substance in her system. Click here to buy Phenylpiracetam online.

As is obvious from the name, this molecule is a derivative of piracetam due to the added phenyl. When measuring the potency, phenylpiracetam is said to be 20 to 60 times stronger. One study that compared the two concluded that Phenotroil is more neuroprotective and stimulating than piracetam while being anti-amnesic.

Phenotropil is actually a racemic mixture that combines both R and S enantiomers. There has been research done that reports the R enantiomer to be actually superior to the S. It really doesn’t matter in this context as there is no available source on the market that provides phenylpiracetam that is enantiomerically pure anyway.

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Benefits of Phenotropil

In Russia Phenotropil is approved by the government as a prescription medication. It is also recommended as a treatment for conditions that were the result of low brain oxygen. Read User Reviews of Phenylpiracetam here.

Phenotropil is recommended for the following conditions:
• Low motivation and apathy
• Poor attention
• Limited memory
• Fatigue
• Acts as an antidepressant
• Helps treat epilepsy
• Treats conditions related to low brain oxygen

Much of the research substantiating these claims is written in Russian or otherwise unavailable online. The research that is available, either part or in whole, is discussed below. The Russians recommend using Phenotropil to improve cognitive functions, particularly for Russian cosmonauts to use during travel in space. It’s reasonable to conclude that may work as a cognitive enhancer in healthy individuals.

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Medical Uses of Phenotropil Powder


A study was done on 61 patients suffering from different types of epilepsy. The study compared patients treated with phenotropil and anti-epilepsy drugs (AEDs) with patients treated with AEDs alone. The researchers found that by adding phenotropil to AEDs the frequency of seizures was reduced and it helped to induce positive changes in patients’ EEG.

Stroke Recovery

There was one study done which involved 400 patients that had recently suffered an ischemic stroke. The study had patients taking Phenotropil and others taking a placebo. The patients who had taken Phenotropil had an improved recovery significantly higher as compared to the patients who had the placebos. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenylpiracetam.

Cognitive Impairment

In reviewing the available research on Phenotropil that has been translated most of it has been done on patients with a cognitive deficit following a brain injury, a diagnosis of encephalopathy or suffering a stroke. There was a study done on 99 encephalopathy patients who took a 200mg dose once a day for 30 days. Their pain, depression and anxiety were noticeably lower after being treated.

Another study was done on patients with vascular encephalopathy which showed that taking Phenotropil to be better than having no treatment at all. A review done in the US of numerous research studies in Russia confirms that Phenotropils are helpful in treating memory and attention deficits in patients with chronic fatigue. The review also confirms that this treatment is superior to treating these conditions with piracetam only.

Energy and Stimulant

A study done on rodents sought to determine Phenotropil’s effects as a stimulant and a cognitive enhancer. They used forced swim and passive avoidant tests. The R enantiomer was found to almost improve their retention latency by 195% and when using both R and S enantiomers there was a reduction in immobility time during the forced swim tests which suggests an antidepressant effect. The high dose of the R enantiomer was shown to be superior to S in this test.

Recommended Dosage for Phenotropil

It is recommended by the manufacturers that users take 100mg two times a day with food. The manufacturers go on to say that the maximum dose is 750mg per day. Unofficial user reports claim that a 250mg dose twice a day could be too stimulating for some people. User reports go on to suggest that if taken past late afternoon there is a risk of insomnia

Due to the reported stimulant effect of this nootropic it is perhaps best not to use this on a regular basis, just sporadically when needed. It stands to reason that with prolonged regular use a tolerance could build up and become a problem. There’s no specific research on this aspect of Phenotropil but common sense dictates that it’s better to take this in cycles.

How Phenotropil Works

The manufacturers claim that phenotropil alone improves the blood flow in the regional ischemic areas in the brain. They state that it increases levels of dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin but that it doesn’t affect the amount of GABA nor does it bind to GABA. Since Phenotropil and phenylethylamine are structurally similar and the molecules are reported to be stimulants it can be reasoned that Phenotropil may affect dopamine as well as noradrenaline receptors.

Another review of this literature comes to the same conclusion but states that injecting this drug into rats (100mg/kg intraperitoneally) does increase the amounts of both nACh and NMDA receptors, while at the same time decreasing dopamine and serotonin receptors in the brain.

If you assume that the stimulant part of Phenotropil is due to the phenylethylamine-like structure of its molecule it’s possible that some of the cognitive enhancement and anticonvulsant properties of this molecule may be attributed to the piracetam part of the molecule. The research is just not clear as to how piracetam exactly works in the brain what is suggested is that the enhancement of fluidity in cell membranes and glutamate modulations may be the mechanisms of action.

There are anecdotal reports of the build-up of tolerance to Phenotropil’s stimulant effects is done quickly. Because the research does confirm receptor down regulation it is recommended that this drug should be cycled.

There is no published data on the absorption of Phenotropil for humans. The insert included with the product claims that it has a fast rate of absorption and demonstrates 100% bioavailability when taken orally. The manufacturer reports that within 1 hour of taking the supplement peak blood concentrations occur and they go on to state that the half-life is 3 to 5 hours.

The manufacturer’s insert claims that Phenotropil is not metabolized in the body and is excreted basically unchanged. The suggestion is that this is not considered a prodrug for a different compound, like noopept, and that Phenotropil does penetrate the blood brain barrier in its original form.

Phenotropil Safety Information

Phenotropil should not be used by pregnant women, women breastfeeding or given to children as there is not enough clinical data. Patients suffering from kidney or liver failure should be cautious.

Extreme doses were given to rodents and 800mg/kg was determined to be a lethal dose, which does indicate a wide margin of safety. According to the manufacturers there have been no documented or substantiated mutagenic, teratogenic or carcinogenic dangers associated with using Phenotropil.


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