Stacking Piracetam and Oxiracetam Powder together

piracetam oxiracetam stack

There is a lot of interest in using an Oxiracetam Piracetam Stack as part of your nootropic supplement routine. If you really want to boost your overall results of using Piracetam, then use it with Oxiracetam, which is a stronger nootropic that has the ability to increase your brain function. This is what many people do to increase the potency. It is easy to locate Piracetam for sale because it is the original of this group and the best-selling one. Oxiracetam is thought to be stronger than Piracetam and a better bet if you want to increase brain function. It does so without affecting the neurotransmitters in your brain. Combining the two will give you the ability to concentrate more and increase your brain power. Click here to buy Oxiracetam online.

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Taking Piracetam Stacks

There has been tons of research done on Piracetam since it was first introduced back in 1964. Testing has been done on both humans and rats in order, and they have shown that Piracetam has huge cognitive benefits such as the ability to learn more, the ability to increase your memory and focus more.

This supplement is thought to have an impact on AMPA receptors, which is why it is believed to be a vasodilator. It has an impact on acetylcholine, which has the capability of impacting your long and short term memory. Depending on the country that you live in, you can get Piracetam without a prescription.

Oxiracetam with Piracetam

Oxiracetam is considered to be a Racetam because of its cognitive abilities. It can increase your energy without the discomfort that you may have when taking amphetamine. Piracetam is not as strong as Oxiracetam, which means that you don’t have to take as much of Oxiracetam in order for it to work. This is why many people choose not to take Oxiracetam after lunch because it will make it harder for them to go to sleep at night. Read User Reviews of Oxiracetam here.

When taken by itself, Oxiracetam can be used to increase memory, improve brain function, and improve your ability to learn. It does wonders to improve the way that you think, which is why students like to use it when they have to write term papers and dissertations. Projects such as these make you focus, think logically and analytically. There are some people to claim that Oxiracetam boosts their energy levels and their ability to learn a large amount of info all at one time.

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Taking Oxiracetam with Piracetam Effects

What happens when you take these two supplements at the same time? Quite naturally both of their powers will come through. The good thing about these two supplements is that when combined, they will just boost your brain power even more. However, you don’t have to worry about getting addicted to them. It is beneficial to take them together because they boost each other’s powers. But, remember, that is best to decrease your dosage when you take them at the same time.

Oxiracetam has a huge impact on your logic thinking. Since Piracetam is a vasodilator, it really has an impact on how you concentrate because of Oxiracetam. A lot of people say that they really like combining the two supplements. This is especially the case if they really need the extra brain power. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Oxiracetam.

Dosages for this Racetam Stack

You have to determine this for yourself by experimenting. But, take them separately first to see how they affect your brain function. Then start stacking them to see the results. This is because there are those that have great success with one, but none with the other. If you experiment a lot with these supplements, you can tell what dosage works best for your particular needs.

Once you start to combine them, start out with lower than normal doses. Maybe you should do 1,600 mgs of Piracetam and 400mgs of Oxiracetam.

If you have to take more, then reduce the dosage in increments of 200mg. Allow a week in between each dosage decrease. However, do not take more than 2,500 mgs of Piracetam if you are going to mix it with Oxiracetam. If you get a headache as a result of the acetylcholine, then you should also combine the two supplements with Choline. It is also good that you take about 300mg of Alpha-GPC also.

Keep in mind that the majority of Racetams take a while to work for most people. You will see different results as time goes by. It really should take anywhere from one to three weeks before you see the full impact of what these supplements can do. During this time you might end up lowering the dosage as each supplement starts to affect you.

Review of Piracetam Oxiracetam Combo

Combining these supplements can be very beneficial. You should take lower dosages of each in order to build up your tolerance for each. Try a schedule of taking them for two months and then going off of them for one month. Then take them for one month and off for two months. You can try other combinations in such cycles to allow the brain the chance to get used to the supplements.

Combining these two supplements Piracetam and Oxiracetam will improve your concentration, learning capability and affect your memory in a positive manner. This is why it is considered one of the top combinations for many people who use them.


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