Piracetam Citicoline (CDP Choline) Stack Reviews and Dosages for Memory and Focus

piracetam citicoline stack

A lot of people are trying to improve their cognitive abilities and general mental function by using supplements and drugs that are formulated to reinforce this need. Among the efficient ways to do this is taking a supplement popularly called Nootropics. The most common nootropic is the Piracetam, otherwise known as Nootropil, which is widely used by many individuals as cognitive enhancer. Click here to buy Piracetam online.

Over the years since 1964, Piracetam was studied and showed to be efficient in boosting a person’s mental performance with no or little toxicity. If you add another supplement like CDP Choline and Citicoline to the formula, the potential benefits could be doubled. So, how do you use a Piracetam Citicoline Stack?

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You need Choline with Piracetam

Perhaps, the first thing that you should think about is why you should use Citicoline along with Piracetam. The fact is, both compounds have similar modes of action when taken by the body. However, using it as a stack can generate better results since the compounds reinforce one another, which made each of them more effective together than when taken on their own. Apart from Citicoline, you can also use the Piracetam Alpha GPC Stack.

In order for Piracetam to work, it needs an amount of Acetylcholine because the supplement will bind to Acetylcholine receptors making the neurotransmitter to be more efficient. However, in most cases, people don’t have adequate Acetylcholine to make this process work instantly. Acetylcholine is actually generated from Choline, which is present in many foods that we eat. The problem is an average – otherwise healthy – person does not get enough choline from diet, which results to deficiency in acetylcholine necessary for brain function. Read User Reviews of Piracetam here.

Stacking Citicoline with Piracetam Capsules

This is where Citicoline becomes extremely useful. It is a precursor to Acetylcholine, which made it a great addition to the Piracetam supplement to increase the production of Acetylcholine in a short span of time. As acetylcholine increases, the number of positive effects on a user’s cognitive capacity is also increased. It involves mental functions such as memory and learning, sensory perception, focus, concentration, attention, motivation and mental energy. The Piracetam Choline Stack allows more positive results than when Piracetam is taken alone.

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How to Take Piracetam

Before buying an additional nootropic to Piracetam, it is important that you start taking Piracetam alone. As you know, Piracetam requires to build up within the body before it can be fully efficient. It means that you should take it every day for about a couple of weeks before you will notice any benefits. However, once it reaches the adequate level, it can start permeating to the blood brain barrier much easily before it reaches the Acetylcholine receptor sites. Using Piracetam on its own allows you to observe the positive benefits with regards to your cognitive ability and make better informed decision.

The Piracetam dosage has to start big before you can experience any result. It stays in your system for a short period of time so it is important that you take two doses – at a minimum per day. You should take about 2-4.8 grams of Piracetam. If you take anything less, the potential benefits may not be experienced.

When taking the Piracetam powder, you might want to start with a half dose for the first couple of days to ensure that the supplement does not have any adverse effects on you. If you use this strategy, always remember to stay patient and give yourself some time (two weeks at least) before you indulge in evaluative tests on how Piracetam can enhance your cognitive abilities or memory retention. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Piracetam.

Alternatively, you can start with a Piracetam regimen using an attack dose. This attack dose is an increased dosage (usually two to three times higher) of the usual Piracetam dosage. This may mean you should take up to 12 grams daily, which should be divided in three doses. This attack dose is used to help build Piracetam in your system within a short span of time. Once the initial effects are felt, you should decrease the dose back to the usual dose. Do not use an attack dose longer than 3 or 4 days.

Piracetam Citicoline Stack Instructions

After a couple of weeks taking Piracetam alone, you can start adding a Choline supplement like Zynapse Citicoline, Somazina, NeurAxon or CDP Choline. Upon introducing a nootropic to your regimen, you will be able to compare each nootropic specifically its effects and benefits so you would know which nootropic works well for you especially in achieving better cognitive capacity. Generally, the Citicoline Piracetam combination is affordable compared to other combinations but you wouldn’t want to spend on products that are not actually generating results.

Choline Food Sources with Piracetam Powder

Some individuals choose to eat food sources of Choline rather than adding Citicoline to their Piracetam supplement. Food sources of Choline include – fish, spinach, chicken, soybeans, eggs, peanuts, almonds, cauliflower and liver. If you can get adequate amount of Choline from your diet, effective lifestyle changes is a good way to do this. However, you have to realize that the choline in foods is phosphatidylcholine and it is only around 13% pure choline.

It means that you need to eat a lot of these Choline food sources if you want to achieve the same level when you take Piracetam. This is the reason people resort to Citicoline because it is the most practical option for most. Citicoline is more readily available and is more permeable to the blood brain barrier. If you choose the Piracetam Citicoline Stack, you should combine the two in a 5:1 ratio – Piracetam to Citicoline respectively. It should also have a maximum of 500 mg Citicoline per dosage and make adjustments from there according to the results you notice.

Are there any Side Effects according to Reviews?

When taking the Piracetam Citicoline combination, are there adverse effects that you must be aware of? The most common side effect reported from using this combination is headache. This is the reason why you should initially separate the compounds because Piracetam could be most responsible for this effect. If the headache is a result of taking Piracetam alone, you should start using Citicoline supplement immediately. If the headaches are non-existent prior to using Citicoline, you should adjust the ratio or stop using it completely. This is the same with other nootropic stacks and bear in mind that the supplements can generate different results for different individuals. It is important that you are aware of your own body so you can recognize the beneficial effects of the supplement.


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