Combining Piracetam and Oxiracetam in a Nootropic Stack

piracetam and oxiracetam stack

Substantial increase in positive results using Piracetam is possible by stacking it with another nootropic like Oxiracetam, which is a more advanced nootropic with effects that boost intelligence. If you combine racetam supplements, each racetam will reinforce the effect of each other and this is the most common practice among users today. Click here to buy Oxiracetam online.

Since Piracetam is the mother of all racetam nootropics, it is often found in many users stacks. Oxiracetam is stronger than Piracetam, which has more effects on concentration and memory. It affects cognitive neurotransmitters but does not affect norepinephrine, dopamine or serotonin chemicals like other nootropics. Combining Piracetam with Oxiracetam will help you have more focus and enhanced brain functions.

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The Difference Between Oxiracetam and Piracetam

A chemist in Belgium discovered Piracetam in the year 1964 and since then a number of research studies were done on its name. Clinical trials have been done on both humans and rodents. It demonstrated cognitive effects that include enhanced learning ability, memory development, attention and concentration.

Piracetam is believed to function as a vasodilator and has the capacity to influence the receptor sites of AMPA. Apart from this, it also has the capacity to affect significant neurotransmitters like acetylcholine that is critical for memory development both short and long-term. Piracetam is available as prescription supplement in some countries like United Kingdom. It is only in the US that prescription is not required and it is unregulated. Read User Reviews of Piracetam here.

Oxiracetam is 5x more Potent

Oxiracetam is considered the most unique among nootropics because it influences an individual’s cognitive abilities exclusively. This variety of racetam is a psycho-stimulant, which can create subtle energy enhancing effect without any discomfort associated with amphetamine. Oxiracetam generates stronger effects than Piracetam, which means you only need to take a small dose of this variety. It is a slight stimulant so it is recommended that people should not take this supplement after lunch so as not to generate sleep disturbances.

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If you use Oxiracetam alone, it works by increasing your abilities in memory development and learning. This also allows you to increase your concentrating abilities as well as logical thinking capacity thus making it an excellent option when you write term papers, dissertations and working on projects that require heightened focus, judgment and logical analysis. Some users reported that Piracetam increases their motivation level and the ability to take in a lot of information, associations and patterns.

Oxiracetam and Piracetam Combination

What are the things you can expect if you combine two potent racetam varieties like Piracetam and Oxiracetam in a stack? Each racetam has the power to potentiate the other racetam. When you combine two racetam supplements, the results could be double rather than being addictive. To make it short, the two supplements when taken together can produce better but equal benefits as opposed to using them separately. Knowing this critical potentiation is extremely necessary since the dosage could vary in each user’s case.

Oxiracetam has more profound effect on logical or rational thinking. Generally, it is a vasodilator that can enhance a person’s focus, logic and motivation. A lot of users claim that this is their favorite racetam during workdays and in days when productivity is required. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Oxiracetam.

The Oxiracetam Piracetam Stack Dosages and Ratios

There is really no fixed dosage when it comes to racetam combination therapy. It is generally recommended that you experiment on the dosage of each racetam before you combine them in a stack. This helps to determine whether each racetam has beneficial effects when taken as a single entity especially in generating results in brain chemistry. In some cases, people experience better result from one racetam but does not generate any effects in the other.

It is only through experimentation that you will know which racetam is more beneficial for you. This is also the way that you can determine how much dose you need to generate positive results. If the information is already available then you can now combine two racetams together provided that the dose should be lower than your usual dose. We suggest that you take the following doses for the Piracetam Oxiracetam combination –

1,600 mg Piracetam
• 400 mg Oxiracetam

If there is a need to increase the current dose you have, do it in gradual increase by 200 mg Piracetam and allow at least a week before you increase the dose again. It is important that you should not go beyond 2,500 mg Piracetam especially when combined with Oxiracetam. If you experience some headaches secondary to increased activity in acetylcholine, we suggest that you add choline to this combination. A recommended dose of 300 mg Alpha-GPC is enough. Click here to buy Piracetam online.

It is important to understand that most racetams do not generate beneficial effects immediately in majority of its users. The beneficial effects accumulate through time and usually appear some time later about 3-6 weeks of constant use. There are people who have to decrease their dose once the beneficial effects become apparent.

More Advice and User Reviews

Combining Piracetam and Oxiracetam will generate boosting effect for users. The recommended dose must start low and if necessary – gradual increase. Racetams may build tolerance so it is important that you use it in a regular cycle. For instance, 2 months use followed by 1 month break then use it again in 1 month and stop taking it for 2 months, etc. Other nootropic combinations are also available so you can switch from one combination to another so that your brain will remain sensitive to these drug supplement. The combination can offer maximum focus, memory retention and learning capacity while producing subtle psycho-stimulation in the process. Many users consider the Piracetam Oxiracetam combination their favorite among all stacks.


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