Piracetam Pills (Nootropil Brand 400 mg/800 mg) vs. Generic Powder

piracetam pills

In 1964, Piracetam pills were developed and formulated by a Romanian chemist and psychologist named – Corneliu E. Giurgea. This compound is popular for its capacity as a Nootropic and a neuroprotective chemical. It works as a neuroprotective compound, which can provide protection to the brain and spinal cord from damage resulting from various conditions like trauma, stroke, ischemia and convulsions. Click here to buy Piracetam online.

It has several mechanisms of action but could either indirectly or directly lessen the damage generated by stimulatory amino acids. Nootropic compounds are used to improve learning and memory and are highly recommended to people with cognitive deficits related to dementia such as loss of memory. Always bear in mind that there are no nootropic drugs yet approved for general use since they are still at their experimental phase.

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Piracetam Pills

Nonetheless, Piracetam is a kind of racetam pill that gets absorbed very fast in the body. Its bioavailability is 100% especially if taken in its various forms such as tablets, solutions, powders and capsules. It is entirely excreted via the urinary system and is usually used during renal dialysis. It also has a property to cross placental barrier and can pass along membranes. It can also be excreted in nursing mothers through milk so it is important that this supplement is avoided when pregnant.

Using Nootropil Pills for Cognitive Disorders

Piracetam’s application did not show any long-term benefits specifically associated with mild cognitive disorders. However, it has a neuroprotective effect, which was shown during a coronary bypass surgery. It has also been discovered that it is efficient in treating cerebrovascular diseases. The efficacy of Piracetam in relation to improved memory and lessening depression and anxiety was found only on later use. The supplement is useful for patients who have been diagnosed with tardive dyskinesia and myoclonus epilepsy. If it is given in congruence to vasodilator drugs, the supplement showed some efficacy on improving cognitive disabilities. Read User Reviews of Piracetam here.

It is also believed that Piracetam can enhance a person’s creativity. This concept came about because it is claimed to have a unique property that increases the interaction between the right and left brain hemispheres. This was understood to enhance creativeness. Memory enhancement refers to increasing the user’s ability to learn and store information within the brain for later use.

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Piracetam 800 mg Tablet Effects

You must understand that Piracetam is not a tonic supplement but it can affect how our ion channels work to improve circulation that promotes permeability of a membrane to particular parts of the brain. Therefore, the effects of Piracetam supplement is comparable to snowballs that accumulates to enhance the user’s cognitive ability over long-term use.

Buy Generic Piracetam without a Prescription

There are some countries where Piracetam is available even without written prescription. In some cases, it is used along with Huperzine A, Vitamin-B complex, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Choline. These constituents are believed to reinforce the positive nootropic effects of racetam. However, there is little evidence to back this information up and it has been a subject of debate by scientists. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Piracetam.

Various conditions treated by Piracetam include:

• Memory/cognition
• Seizure/epilepsy
• Diseases that are neurodegenerative
• Ischemia/stroke
• Anxiety/stress

Some Side Effects of Nootropil Pills

Piracetam should not be used by anyone with a history or who currently has cerebral hemorrhage as well as terminal stage renal diseases. It is also contraindicated in people who are diagnosed with Hunlington Chorea. The safety and efficacy of Piracetam in pregnant and nursing women have not been established yet.

It can generate adverse reactions in people with GI disorders, immune system disorders, nervous system disorders such as insomnia, somnolence and headache and skin diseases like pruritus and dermatitis.

The most common adverse effects are Nausea, Rashes, Headaches, Stimulation, Anxiety and Irritability. The side effects of Piracetam totally depends on the dosage taken by an individual. There are people who are more sensitive than other users therefore it is important that you seek the opinion of your physician first.

Generic Piracetam Pills or Branded Nootropil 400 mg/800 mg

It is available in the form of powder, liquid and tablets. There are advanced nootropics that carries only the powder form since Piracetam is required to be at higher doses. There are reported cases that the dosages range from 0.01g to 10g. It is highly suggested that people should not use higher than 1g per dosage in order to avoid any adverse effects. Always follow directions and be responsible when taking Piracetam.

The shelf life of Piracetam in powdered form is currently at 3 years. Proper storage should be in cool dry place – ideally not below 25 degrees Celsius in temperature. Always keep the package sealed so as to avoid contamination.


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