Concerns about Piracetam Tolerance, Withdrawal and Addiction

piracetam tolerance withdrawal

Does Piracetam cause tolerance or withdrawal issues? Piracetam is considered as world renowned and best-selling nootropic. Its popularity increased mainly because it is found to be efficient for most users. According to reviews, this supplement has a variety of positive effects. It is famous for its efficiency in improving the user’s learning ability, memory recall and enhances concentration and focus. Click here to buy Piracetam online.

Apart from this, the supplement is also known to improve a person’s mood and heightens motivation. However, before you decide whether Piracetam is right for you – it is important to consider the potential risks of side effects as well as the safety of its use. The question is – can a person develop addiction to this supplement and will it produce withdrawal?

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Reviews of Piracetam Tablets

Piracetam is considered a relatively powerful nootropic specific for brain and nervous system function, which can increase interaction between neurons. It can permeate the blood brain barrier and binds to acetylcholine and glutamate receptors to boost their functions. The supplement is able to enhance mental processes associated to memory and learning. It can modulate the acetylcholine and glutamate receptors, which then increases the efficiency of specific brain areas related to cognition and memory development.

Even though the beneficial results of taking Piracetam differ from one person to another, it is quite apparent that its effect is positive on mental performance. There are people who claim that they can only recognize subtle memory enhancement, while there are others who experience better memory recall when they can vividly remember their dreams or recall every detail of events they have been to.

Piracetam Safety and Dangers

Piracetam has usually no side effects. Around 90% of users did not report any negative or adverse reaction to the supplement. In fact, during the initial clinical trial done, there were many individuals who reported a lot of side effects when they were given placebo. Generally, Piracetam is well-tolerated but there are cases when side effects appear to around 10% of users. Read User Reviews of Piracetam here.

The most common side effects among the 10% of users was headache, which can easily be fixed in two ways. The first way is to add a dose of choline supplement to Piracetam so that the receptors it bind to will not get burned out. The second way is to stop using Piracetam for a short while and resume when headaches are no longer felt. Anxiety and drowsiness are less common side effects that might be experienced when taking Piracetam.

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Taking an Attack Dose of Piracetam

There are cases in new users when Piracetam did not generate positive effects on brain function. If this is the case, it is highly suggested that you take an attack dose. This type of dose is typically 2-3 times higher than the recommended Piracetam dose to immediately supply higher concentrations of the supplement within the brain. Once the desired level is reached, you should go back to the recommended dose. Each user will experience different effects. In some cases, the effects take longer before they start showing. The waiting time is usually 2 weeks so do not feel frustrated. Alternatively, you can take other more powerful supplement such as Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam and Aniracetam.

Tolerance, Withdrawal and Addiction Problems

Will ceasing from Piracetam use result to withdrawal condition? It is quite complicated to explain the answer to this question but generally – no. However, for further details, taking Piracetam or other nootropics will allow you to get used to its positive effects such as increased energy, enhanced mental clarity and improved memory. The tasks that are previously demanding have now become smoother and effortless. When you stop from taking Piracetam, you will notice that the mental straining is back. Often, this is misconstrued as withdrawal symptom – which it is clearly not. It is simply because your body is returning to its usual state. Check out our guide on the best way to take Piracetam.

One of the issues is whether you would forget the information you’ve learned when you stop taking Piracetam. Fortunately, you should not concern yourself about it. When you stop taking Piracetam, every benefit you gained will cease from coming or will experience short-term effects but within a couple of days your body will return to its usual state. But, you will not regress and will not forget anything. This may seem like a withdrawal symptom but this is just because you’ve been exposed to Piracetam benefits long enough that you already got used to it.

Follow Dosing Recommendations

If you want to achieve only the best result from nootropics, you must take the recommended dose of Piracetam. You should consider some factors first before you decide to stack Piracetam with another nootropic. If you have specific concerns about addiction or withdrawal, you can create a cycle for the supplement. All available literature concerning Piracetam talks about its safety for everyday use. In fact, it can even offer stacking effects when taken for a long time. However, it is recommended that you take this supplement only occasionally or use it for a maximum of 2 weeks.


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