Piracetam vs Noopept – Comparison Of The Nootropics

piracetam versus noopept

Interest in taking brain supplements to improve mental functions has increased significantly in recent years. There is a classification of supplements called nootropics that are particularly well known at boosting brainpower and enhancing memory, focus, and mood. The Greek translation for nootropics means ‘mind turning’ and these supplements have been around for 50 years, though they are only now entering the mainstream. Two of the most popular Nootropics today are Noopept vs. Piracetam. Click here to buy Noopept online.

When deciding whether to use Noopept or Piracetam, there are a number of individual factors that should be considered. These have to do with your own personal needs, the effects of the different compounds, their methods of administration, prices and subjective factors like user experiences. This article is designed to introduce you to both supplements so you know which one is right for you to use.

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Piracetam/Nootropil Review

Piracetam was synthesized in 1964 as the first nootropic supplement formulation. It improves the functioning of acetylcholine receptors and transmitters within the brain by crossing over the blood-brain barrier, which prevents the brain from assimilating pharmaceuticals. Acetylcholine is a very potent brain chemical that performs critical brain functions that enhance overall intelligence.

Piracetam produces various beneficial effects, by augmenting the levels of circulating acetylcholine. Read User Reviews of Piracetam here.

Noopept Nootropic Effects

One of the most recent nootropics formed is the supplement Noopept, which was designed as an advanced formula compared to past nootropics such as Piracetam. It has increased bioavailability, which means that more of the effective substance is utilized by the body. In addition, Noopept is between one and five thousand times as potent as the original nootropics such as Piracetam.

This drug supplement is the most potent available, and equivalent to Piracetam. This super powerful supplement binds to glutamate receptors in the brain, and compounding the effectiveness of the neurotransmitter. Glutamate is a chemical substance in the brain that is accountable for memory activity.

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Effects of Piracetam versus Noopept

Communication between the two brain hemispheres is augmented by Piracetam. Significant cognitive benefits encompass a healthier mental and cognitive state. In addition to this, it protects the cerebral cortex against oxygen loss. Inadvertently, Piracetam usage assists with conditions such as cognitive deterioration after surgery on the brain and obsessive compulsive disorders. Researchers are investigating further usages of this drug in relation to lowering anxiety and depression.

As with Piracetam, there is a major effect of Noopept that presents as improvement in communication between both hemispheres of the brain. It is a neuroprotector that defends neurons and brain cells from irreversible damage. Users have noticed increased mental energy and positive function with general cognition, which encompasses aspects of memory and concentration.

Another astronomical benefit from the use of Noopept is improved mental flexibility. Some research proposes that this supplement leads to feelings of relaxation, fatigue, and the reduction of stress levels.

Comparison of Side Effects

Although nootropics are generally considered to be safe, bear in mind the variable that relates to individual differences as well as how specific drugs affect the body. Extremely high doses of Piracetam produce rare side effects, although include weight gain and headaches. Noopept side effects can include nervousness and a sedated state. To avoid any of these effects, it is crucial to stay within the recommended dosage levels. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Noopept.

How to Use Both Piracetam and Noopept

The supplement drug Noopept has an advisable dosage range of between one point six and nine point six grams per day that is dispersed throughout the day as several equal applications or doses. Be mindful, that this supplement should not be taken immediately before going to bed, to avoid lucid dreams. The recommended dosage is considerably lower than with Piracetam, since Noopept is so much more powerful. It is advisable only to take between ten and thirty milligrams per day that are split into equal dosage applications. Begin with a lower dose, and increase it as you recognize the effects on your body.

In Review

The determination of which is the best nootropic choice is a highly personal decision dependent upon your personal goals and needs. Even though both are incredibly successful at achieving the desired results, you may want to add choline, especially with the use of Piracetam to relieve headaches. You might even decide to take Noopept with Piracetam since this is a very common and popular stack today.


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