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pramiracetam bulk powder

Bulk Pramiracetam is known as one of the most effective and powerful Nootropics, estimated to be 30 times stronger than Piracetam, the first Nootropic ever discovered. Next to Phenylpiracetam it’s the most powerful Racetam in wide use and available on the market. It offers a wider range of cognitive enhancements and a much smaller dose is needed in order to notice the positive benefits. Pramiracetam in bulk powder form is faster acting with a half-life of 5 to 7 hours, one of the longest of all Nootropic supplements on the market. This is probably as a result of Pramiracetam being fat soluble whereas the Racetam Piracetam is water soluble. Click here to buy Pramiracetam online.

One of the most significant benefits of this Nootropic is that it’s very effective during all-night study sessions or other tasks needing complete focus for extended periods of time. It comes in both powder and capsule form, but the powder form of Pramiracetam is absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly and starts working much faster. When you buy Pramiracetam bulk powder you are going to save quite a bit of money as the tablets or capsules cost a lot to manufacture and package which is passed on to the customer.

Pramiracetam300 mg x 30 capsules
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Benefits Attributed to Pramiracetam Powder

The main benefit of taking Pramiracetam is to substantially improve overall memory. Studies show that this Nootropic works in several different areas of memory function. These include the capacity for short-term working memory and the consolidation of long-term memory. Working memory relates to the ability to perform calculations and reasoning ability and is thought to be an excellent predictor of fluid intelligence.

On the other hand, the formation of long-term memory is more closely related to crystallized intelligence, which represents details, facts and experiences gained over a lifetime.

Pramiracetam in bulk powder is known to increase the speed at which short-term memories are converted to long-term storage. This supplement may make it easier to learn in work settings as well as academic settings. Pramiracetam activates an area of the brain known as the hippocampus which is involved in memory recall. This is an added benefit of this supplement making it easier for users to recall memories and information. Read User Reviews of Pramiracetam here.

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Faster Reaction Times and Greater Alertness

Pramiracetam is also known to have an effect on the overall central nervous system. It stimulates it very slightly and not so much as to act as a dangerous stimulant. The effect is that mental energy seems to be enhanced with an increase in mental clarity and thought. There is increased sensory perception with increased awareness and even a faster reaction time. This may be due to a greater supply of oxygen going to the brain and an increase in blood flow.

With a boost in blood circulation there is an increase in the metabolism of glucose which is now more efficient. These effects bring out an improvement in the ability to focus and an extended attention span. This is why Pramiracetam is often said to be the best Racetam for concentration and for helping people “get in the zone” for the task at hand, whether it’s studying or work related.

Increased Creativity and Communication

Studies bear out that brain cells communicate more effectively when using bulk Pramiracetam. It helps in the creation of new neurons and synapses in the corpus callosum area of the brain. Hence, there’s an improvement in communication between both hemispheres of the user’s brain. This may also help in the formation of memories.

Those taking Pramiracetam report that they are able to think faster and even more creatively. User logs document that it helps in the flow of ideas without the usual mental strain when doing basic problem solving or communicating with others. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Pramiracetam.

Pharmacology of Pramiracetam

When taking orally, Pramiracetam powder in bulk is absorbed into the bloodstream using the intestinal tract. It should reach maximum concentration in about 20 minutes. It’s able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier very easily. It’s got excellent bioavailability which means most of what’s ingested is actually absorbed and used. This may be a factor in making Pramiracetam so much stronger than Aniracetam, another Nootropic which is fat soluble, but having only a tiny fraction the bioavailability.

Once Pramiracetam has penetrated the blood-brain barrier it continues on to the Acetylcholine receptors. As it reacts to these receptors the effect is of a slowing down of the process of Acetylcholine desensitizing the receptors, making them more sensitive to the Acetylcholine causing greater stimulation. Because Acetylcholine is one of the main chemicals in the brain affecting quite a number of cognitive processes such as memory, focus, learning and concentration, the end result is a more active brain in these areas.

Best Place to Buy Pramiracetam in Bulk Powder

Because bulk Pramiracetam is not regulated in the US it’s unlikely to be available in big box retail stores or even major health food or stores where supplements are sold like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or GNC. So the best place to buy this Nootropic is online. The bulk powder is less expensive due to the savings created by not converting it into capsules. The tablets or capsules can cost up to five times as much as the powder form of Pramiracetam.

All you need to do is mix Pramiracetam powder in with milk and drink it. Do not dissolve in water as it’s not water soluble, only fat soluble. You can also ingest it with another fatty substance like a fish oil tablet. It’s considered best to take Pramiracetam on a full stomach, unlike Oxiracetam or Piracetam. If using the powder form is too inconvenient for you then you might want to purchase an inexpensive pill capping device and make the pills yourself. The necessary materials can be bought for under $20 and it’s fast and easy and will save a lot of money.

Authentic Pramiracetam bulk powder is bitter to the taste so a red flag would be any company claiming that their supplement is “pleasant tasting” or even “acceptable”. As with anything there are suppliers trying to sell low quality products so make sure you don’t get fooled into buying anything but top quality powder. There is lots of information online in the forums and on the blogs so do your research.


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