Pramiracetam Experience Reports: Read from Users of this Supplement

pramiracetam experience

Pramiracetam was derived from Piracetam and is about 30 times more potent. Users report a noticeable increase in power and the beneficial effects are multiplied even when taking a smaller dose. The biochemistry of every individual is different so although the main known benefit of taking nootropics is to enhance memory and focus, everyone is affected differently. Users often compare the Pramiracetam experience to Ritalin since it greatly improves the ability to focus while dulling certain emotions.

Therefore Pramiracetam is considered one of the best drugs to help students study, but it may not be best to take it continuously every day. In this article we will review some of the testimonials and user logs regarding this nootropic. We’ll take a close look at the Pramiracetam experiences reports by users described in these logs and explain how it basically works. You can decide for yourself if this supplement is something you want to try.

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Pramiracetam Experience Reports

Racetams in general improve memory by acting on the hippocampus, the area in the brain that is used for creating memories and the ability to recall them. The current neuroscience on the subject says that memories are physically captured by the connections between neurons. In order to form a memory two neurons need to develop a stronger connection through Long Term Potentiation which is done by developing new synapses between the neurons.

Synapses are the way in which neurons interact, signal and send messages to each other. Pramiracetam helps this process and helps form new synapses, which then helps users remember more. This supplement speeds up and enhances the process of recalling the memory or information. Pramiracetam actually expands the capacity for learning new information which is why it is so beneficial to those needing a study aid.

Pramiracetam also helps users be more alert increasing their awareness by providing more mental energy. The way this supplement works is thought to help expand someone’s overall attention span. When a user is able to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time without becoming distracted they are much more productive in terms of learning. Most of the experience logs on Pramiracetam note that of all the Racetams on the market, this is the best one to use for boosting concentration and motivation.

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User Experiences

One of the first effects that users report in their logs detailing their experiences while taking Pramiracetam supplements is more vivid sensory perceptions. The degree of this enhancement does vary from person to person but what is usually reported centers around more vivid sense of sound and sight. Sounds are clearer, richer and deeper and even quiet sounds seem to be louder in volume. This would likely make listening to music more enjoyable as well as listening to the sounds in nature.

Auditory learning skills may also be enhanced so that you will be able to soak in more from a lecture or directions from your boss. With regard to visual perception, users commonly report seeing much richer colors and more contrast between colors. This may be attributed to Pramiracetam stimulating the glutamate in the brain which is the neurotransmitter used in the transmission of signals from the eyes to the occipital lobe, the area of the brain used for visual processing.

Onset of Pramiracetam Effects

According to the logs it takes users about a week of using Pramiracetam on a consistent basis before they notice an improvement in memory. Some users report they’re able to recall their dreams more fully and even having lucid dreams. They also are able to recall conversations with more accuracy. Most say their memories seem to be closer to the surface, able to be recalled more quickly and there seems to be a lot more information in the memory bank. For those tasked with making a presentation or having to complete a writing project memories seem to come easier with a minimum of mental strain.

Most users report an overall improvement in cognitive functions and mental ability as a whole. Users become more decisive and clear headed with some describing the experience as if they’ve had a veil lifted. They even seem to feel less pressure from around their eyes which is normally a sign of fatigue. For those tasked with doing mentally taxing work, by taking Pramiracetam they are able to extend their attention span and increase their focus and concentration without being distracted. Some people report that while using Pramiracetam they are totally single-minded on the task at hand and cannot quit until they’ve successfully completed the task.

Read Nootropic Forums for More Reviews

The online user logs and testimonials detail a wide array of experiences and benefits. These are all online in the nootropic forums and in the various online communities if you want to find more information. The only way to know if your own experience would be the same would be by trying it since everyone is different, but most of the basic benefits would likely take place for you. One user reported that all their uncontrolled and random thoughts disappeared. They felt more clear-headed, alert and were able to problem-solve more easily.

Another user said that Pramiracetam was the perfect cure for a hangover after a night of drinking. In fact there are some Nootropics that have shown evidence of being able to reverse brain damage due to heavy drinking on a regular basis. Taken as a whole, the experience on Pramiracetam seems to be very enjoyable with users describing that they feel like they’re existing at a higher level.

The only way to decide if this would work similarly for you is to try a Pramiracetam experience yourself. There has been a lot of research documenting the cognitive benefits and there are thousands of users around the world who currently take Pramiracetam and report improved brain performance with this nootropic. Pramiracetam supplements are legal in nearly every country and it’s easily purchased online with delivery to your doorstep in no more than a week.


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