The Legal Status of Pramiracetam in the United Kingdom

pramiracetam in the uk

Because there are so many different nootropics determining the legality of any one of them can be confusing. Pramiracetam has only been widely available for use in the UK in the recent past so there isn’t a lot of information as to the legal status for purchasing Pramiracetam in the UK.

This article covers these issues and will give you some ideas as to how and where one can purchase this nootropic. Click here to buy Pramiracetam online.

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Pramiracetam Supplements in the UK

Pramiracetam is a derivative of Piracetam, which was the first nootropic discovered. It’s estimated to be 15 to 30 times stronger than Piracetam, so the dosages are smaller and not as often. The benefits are:

• Enhanced short and long-term memory
• Increased focus and concentration
• Extended attention span
• Improved ability to learn

Pramiracetam is a powerful cognitive enhancer and reported to aid with goal-specific, purpose-driven work. People using it report increased motivation when working on a project and the motivation to continue on until it’s finished. It’s a lipophilic, similar to Aniracetam, so users find it works best if taken with a meal containing fats. Because of the higher potency a single daily dose seems to work well for many in achieving the desired effects. Read User Reviews of Pramiracetam here.

Are Pramiracetam Side Effects Dangerous?

Pramiracetam has few side effects and when they do occur, they’re fairly mild. This makes it a good choice for those who want to cycle racetams in a stack, or take individually. Because of the strong potency it’s important not to exceed the recommended dosage. Common side effects are:

• Gastrointestinal distress
• Insomnia
• Headaches
• Mental fatigue

The headaches and fatigue are probably caused by not having enough Choline in the brain and this can be offset by taking a good Choline supplement like Citicoline or Alpha-GPC, both of which are good bio-available sources. Those new to taking Pramiracetam should start out with small doses, testing for adverse reactions, and then work up gradually to a full dose.

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Is Buying Pramiracetam in the UK Legal?

There are numerous governmental agencies in the UK that collaborate on regulating, approving and monitoring drugs on the market. Those drugs that are deemed necessary to be regulated need to have a doctor’s prescription in order to buy and use them. Pramiracetam is not on the list of regulated drugs in the UK so no prescription is necessary. Drugs like Pramiracetam exist in a state of limbo because they are neither regulated, nor received approval from the regulators. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Pramiracetam.

As it stands now, those residing in the UK can purchase, use and have in their possession, Pramiracetam. No prescription from a doctor is necessary in order to buy it, but it is most definitely recommended that you do talk with your physician regarding any medication you are taking and intend to take for any period of time. Pramiracetam is thought to be non-toxic and safe for use at the dosage recommended.

Pramiracetam for Sale Online

There are a number of different sources online offering Pramiracetam for sale in the UK. It is very important that you buy any nootropic from a reputable source so that needs to be determined first. Once you find some reputable companies you can order from then compare prices and shipping modes.

Pramiracetam usually comes in either capsules or a bulk powder form. If you buy it in bulk powder form you will usually save money however it’s highly recommended that you buy a scale that weighs in milligrams so that you can accurately determine the correct dosage. You can buy such a scale fairly inexpensively online as well.

Those who buy Pramiracetam powder in the UK sometimes encapsulate a few doses for convenience when they travel or go to work. Whether ordering it in capsules or in bulk powder you must verify the quality of the product. Companies that send their product for testing in order to verify the purity will usually post the test results online for you to see. Other companies post statements of purity and as long as they continue to purchase from the same supplier, this does give some assurances of purity.

Recommended Dose for Pramiracetam

The dosage that is recommended is from 200mg to 400mg daily. It can be taken in a single dose all at once, or you can take it in 2 doses throughout the day. Do not exceed this recommended dose for Pramiracetam due to the increased potency and the possible side effects if the recommended dose is exceeded.

So far there haven’t been any reported serious injuries or deaths occurring from a Pramiracetam overdose in the UK or anywhere around the world, but this doesn’t mean it’s not possible under certain circumstances. Our recommendation is that new users begin with 50mg to 100mg so that they can evaluate the effectiveness in their system. Wait two hours and if no effect is felt then take the same dose again. It might take a little while for the effects to be noticeable so this shouldn’t be rushed. Be patient and just let your body assimilate and work with this supplement.


Pramiracetam is legal in the UK which means you can buy it or import it with no worries about law enforcement. Individuals in the UK might find it difficult to locate Pramiracetam for sale in their country at a reasonable price. The few vendors who sell it based out of the UK tend to be much more expensive than other companies around the world. For this reason, it is recommended that you purchase your Pramiracetam capsule or powder from the USA or another country where it can be sold as a much cheaper price in online nootropic stores. If you import Pramiracetam from an international source, it is a good idea to buy it in quantities of less than 1-3 months at a time so that your package does not get inspected by UK border officials.


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