PrimaFORCE Phenibut Bulk Powder 100G and Capsules Review

primaforce phenibut review

Primaforce Phenibut 100G is one of the top brands of Phenibut capsules and powder currently available. Primaforce Phenibut is available from several online distributors and can even be found at retailers such as Walmart or GNC. Primaforce Phenibut reviews are mostly favorable, with most users reporting that it meets or exceeds expectations of enhancing relaxation, increasing positive thoughts and improving sleep. Click here to buy Phenibut online.

Phenibut may very well be the most powerful anti-anxiety medication available without a prescription. It is reported to be as effective as Valium with fewer side effects. Read on for an analysis of how Primaforce Phenibut works along with some of the effects that you can expect to feel when taking it.

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Primaforce Phenibut Bulk Powder

Primaforce says their Phenibut capsules are “lab tested for potency and purity, [and] can help support relaxation, restful sleep and feelings of well being.” These claims are supported by more than four decades of research on Phenibut along with comprehensive use in Russia for its psychoactive qualities. Phenibut is made of a GABA molecule added to a phenyl group.

GABA is one of the primary neurotransmitters used by the brain to transmit signals and moderate anxiety levels. GABA works in the brain to regulate neural activity and dampen hyperstimulation of the nervous system. The brain releases GABA to restrict the activity of neurons that are firing out of control, which is believed to be the main cause of anxiety, stress and related mood disorders. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

In some people, levels of GABA in the brain may diminish. Some people may be predisposed to have an insensitivity to GABA or insufficient production. These people may suffer from anxiety and panic attacks unless they supplement with GABA. GABA can also reestablish normal behavior and manage fears and obsessions. Boosting GABA activity in the brain has been shown to allay phobias and reduce social anxiety while allowing the user to relax, self-soothe, and gain control over their impulses.

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Primaforce Phenibut vs. GABA Effects

Unfortunately, simply supplementing with GABA will have little effect on preventing anxiety as this neurotransmitter is synthesized in the brain and GABA supplements are unable to cross the blood brain barrier which keeps blood separate from brain extracellular fluid. In order to cross this barrier, GABA modified in some way. Phenibut was developed by combining GABA with a phenyl ring at the molecular level. When structured in this way, GABA is able to cross the barrier and influence the neural receptors directly. Primaforce Phenibut is pure Phenibut with no additives or fillers. It is able stimulate to GABA receptors in the brain and reduce anxiety.

User Reviews with Primaforce Capsules

How do users describe their experience with Primaforce Phenibut and what are the most common benefits noticed when using this supplement? Phenibut is frequently used both as a nootropic that improves memory and focus, and as an anxiety lowering supplement. Users of this supplement report a boost of confidence in social settings and a feeling of relaxation and an overall optimistic mood.

Some users report a feeling that more fluid muscle movements with slightly diminished fine motor control. Other users have reported that Phenibut allows them to slow their thoughts, especially when they seem to be racing out of control. At higher doses, it acts as a sedative and you should avoid driving, operating heavy machinery or engaging in any activity that demands a high level of alertness. Phenibut typically takes between 2 – 4 hours for the effects to be felt. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

Some users substitute Primaforce Phenibut for alcohol to help them loosen up at a party or social gatherings. Using Phenibut recreationally should be done with the extreme care and with strictly controlled doses. A common report is that Phenibut enhances the effects of alcohol and can generate a more powerful buzz with state of euphoria. Combine Phenibut with alcohol is very dangerous, especially at high doses. You are strongly advised not to mix Phenibut with alcohol in order to avoid possible serious side effects.

Dosages for Primaforce Phenibut Powder

Primaforce Phenibut is available in either tubs of bulk powder or in 250 mg vegetarian capsules. The capsules offer convenient dosing, but they will cost significantly more due to the manufacturing process involved in encapsulating the powder. It is also important to be aware that taking Phenibut in capsule form means it will take longer to notice its effects because the capsule or pill first has to be broken down before the Phenibut can actually be absorbed by the body.

Primaforce Phenibut is typically taking in doses between 250 mg and 1,500 mg with 2,000 mg being the maximum dose that is considered to be safe. Exceeding 2,000 mg substantially increases the potential for side effects, dependency and withdrawal when you stop taking it. Phenibut is considered to have an elevated potential for overuse and it should always be used at the lowest effective dose. Overdoses can lead to excessive muscle relaxation, hypothermia, uncoordinated movements, like that commonly seen with excessive drinking, memory loss, and even loss of consciousness.

Phenibut has quite a long half-life, so taking it once a day is sufficient for most users. If you are using Phenibut as a sleep aid, take it about 2 hours before bed. Taking PrimaForce Phenibut for more than 3 days in a row is not recommended. It is a good idea to take breaks of 2-3 days between after using Phenibut for no more than 2-3 days in order to avoid building up tolerance to the drug.

Where to Buy Primaforce Phenibut Online?

The primary benefit to purchasing your Phenibut from a large manufacturer like Primaforce is purity and that the product is likely to be of much higher quality than Phenibut that is produced by a smaller company. Primaforce says that they perform HPLC tests on all of their supplements to ensure potency and purity. HPLC stands for high-performance liquid chromatography. This type of testing uses a pressurized liquid solvent to separate, identify and quantify each component of a compound. HPLC testing is important because some companies will pass off counterfeit or contaminated products that can not only be ineffective but potentially dangerous.

Be aware that many people find the smell of Primaforce Phenibut fairly unpleasant and the taste to be bitter. However, it is water soluble, so you can mix it in juice or another flavored drink to disguise the taste. This brand tends to be a bit more expensive than non-branded Phenibut powder from an online nootropics distributor. To get the best value for your money, look for bulk Phenibut powder to dramatically cut your cost per dose. You can buy Primaforce Phenibut from Amazon, Walmart, GNC and a number of other health retailers.


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