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Purchasing Phenylpiracetam is considered to be the most powerful member in the Racetam Family. This adjusted version of Piracetam is 60 times more powerful, this means that you will only need a small dosage of this supplement to achieve great results of cognitive improvements. You might struggle to find this supplement as it is not as popular as other racetams such as Aniracetam. Piracetam and Oxiracetam. Click here to buy Phenylpiracetam online.

You will then need to visit specialized online retailers to buy Phenylpiracetam. Peak nootropics is selling high quality Phenylpiracetam for just $64.99 for 10 grams. Awake Brain sell the exact same amount of Phenylpiracetam capsules for $239.99. Liftmode also sells capsules. Below you will discover everything that you need to know before you purchase Phenylpiracetam online.

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Purchasing Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam/Phenotropil has been around for more than 30 years and was originally created in Russia. It is a modified version of Piracetam and shares some identical qualities as Piracetam. There is one unique difference between these two nootropics, the added Phenyl molecule which supports the absorption of mechanism. Phenylpiracetam is 60 times stronger than its original version, Piracetam. Phenylpiracetam also have a few different implications when it comes to physical performance in comparison to other Racetams.

The recent history of nootropic clearly shows that Phenylpiracetam is not as popular as to other recetams. It is not well known in many users, who prefer Piracetam to enhance their cognitive abilities. More users that are dedicated to using nootropics are constantly looking for the best nootropics available on the market, which is why Phenylpiracetam has skyrocketed in the last year. Phenylpiracetam is double as effective as the regular Piracetam, which has been the most powerful nootropic up until now and has been used worldwide. Read User Reviews of Phenylpiracetam here.

User Reviews of Phenylpiracetam

Many reviews consider Phenylpiracetam to be the only “Professional Focus Improver”. If it is concentration that you seek and you need to get motivated to work for a long period of time, then Phenylpiracetam was created just for you. Not only does this supplement increase glumate activity and acetylcholine, it also has a great effect on noradrenalin and dopamine which makes it an incredible match of energizer and brain enhancer.

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It allows you benefits of a stimulant without affecting stimulant neurotransmitters of the Central Nervous System. Some other effects that have been observed include better learning capacity, increased memory, and boosting alertness, enhancing response and perception time and overall better mood.

What effects does Phenylpiracetam have on athletes? This potent supplement is considered to increase numerous factors that are related to physical abilities and loco motor effects which include reaction time, coordination, fatigue, susceptibility and pain. One of the most famous stories regarding the use of Phenylpiracetam is from the Winter Olympics in 2006 in which an athlete from Russia has been tested positive for this supplement. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenylpiracetam.

There are several amateur and professional sports organizations that have banned Phenylpiracetam due to the fact that it has shown positive results for athletes. It is still very common among bodybuilders and many other fitness fanatics as they use it to boost a pre –workout.

Phenylpiracetam Dosing and Stacks

First you need to establish what type of results you are looking for before you make use of Phenylpiracetam. If you are seeking to improve your daily cognitive abilities than you will use a different amount, as to improving your athletic performance.

Users that are looking to treat ADHD related symptoms vs those who take it to get in an extra study session will need different amounts of Phenylpiracetam powder in a stack. The recommended dosage is between 200 mg and 250 mg twice daily. Everyone is different therefore you should try out a few dosages to see what effects suits you best.

Phenylpiracetam is much more effective than Aniracetam and Piracetam so it won’t be necessary for you to take it as often. It may take up to half an hour before the effects kicks in so you may want to take it before the time if it is physical and mental activities you are seeking.

Purchase Phenylpiracetam Online

When Phenylpiracetams availability was limited in the past, it was not affordable to get this supplement for users that were interested in boosting their brainpower. There are a variety of big marketers that has now enters the world of marketing and are now offering Phenylpiracetam at affordable prices. You should still be very careful before you purchase this supplement online as there are lot of suppliers that offers low quality Phenylpiracetam when you buy it in bulk that are not pure.

One other great issue is that there are a lot of Phenylpiracetam capsule providers that are very expensive when it comes to pricing, starting from $2 upwards for a single capsule. We make use of Peak Nootroopics because they offer high quality Phenylpiracetam powder for sale in bulk,10 grams for only $64.99.If you are using a dosage of 100 mg, you are only paying $0.60 per dose which is very reasonable given the fact that this supplement has incredible effects. Where do you like to buy Phenylpiracetam from?


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