Review of SNS Phenibut XT Ingredients, Side Effects and Price

Review of SNS Phenibut XT

SNS Phenibut XT is one of the most reputed names when it comes to providing Phenibut, an anti anxiety supplement. Phenibut is endorsed by serious nutrition solutions as the strong composite for getting better mood, upgrading sleep and decreasing stress. Phenibut XT is a one component product that has beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric-acid in amount of 500 mg and comes in a bottle with 90 capsules. The price of one bottle of this supplement is around $32.95 that makes it one of the highest priced nootropics available today. What are the reviews about Serious Nutrition Solutions Phenibut XT and its effects and the best method to use it? Click here to buy Phenibut online.

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SNS Phenibut XT Review

Basically Phenibut XT is a GABAergic supplement that is identified to connect GABA B receptors within brain and boost the neurotransmitter level. In 1960, this supplement was developed as a method for enhancing the GABA movement that inhibits the neurons. Though at this time, GABA is sold as a supplement to get better rest and as a sleep medication, neuroscientists have recognized that it does not have the ability to go through the Blood-Brain Barrier in great quantity. Phenibut has customized molecular construction that helps it to go through the barrier. It can go into the central nervous system by stimulating blood stream.

Taking Phenibut XT is useful for curing anxiety since this kind of disorder is related with over processing or stimulation of neurons. People suffering with anxiety disorder have the feeling of restlessness and get their mind off. For instances, some of the forms of anxiety are phobias like obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, general anxiety, social phobias and panic disorder.

This condition leads you to fixate with few special issues and get the feelings of extreme fear, concern and uneasiness. It is sometimes seen as the constant flashing of pictures in their mind and they are not able to control the recurring feelings. Often, anxiety is related with decreased level of GABA or incorrect balance in neurological action. Read User Reviews of Phenibut here.

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Positive Effects of Phenibut XT

As a method for enhancing GABA activity in brain, SNS Phenibut XT helps people to put off or slow down the over-excitement of neurons that creates the root for anxiety. GABA is known as the inhibitory chemical within brain released on the neurons over activity. It effectively balances the neurons by putting them back so that they respond correctly on external stimulation. Some users of Phenibut XT stated that they get better feelings of calmness and do not get stressed out regularly. Following are some of the most important benefits of using Phenibut XT, assured by Serious Nutrition Solutions.

• Relief from nervousness
• Manage stress level in better way
• Augmented Social activities
• Better mood and feeling of well being
Enhanced quality of sleep and relief from Insomnia
• Feeling of relaxation
• Increased level of Concentration
• Improved Brain Power

Price of Phenibut XT 90 Caps or Powder

This is an important question – why to use SNS Phenibut or is there any resource better than it? Serious Nutrition Solutions is a reputed provider among users and it provides a wide series of products. Though they are not so much popular as nootropics and some other cerebroactive composite provider; however, they are a well known name in body building world and as performance enhancer among athletes.

Users can purchase Phenibut XT at the price of $32.95. One bottle of Phenibut has 90 capsules with 500 MG powder. Some other ingredients are rice powder, magnesium stearate, gelatine and silica that are important for the procedure of encapsulation. You can say this supplement is not completely pure. One bottle of SNS Phenibut last for more than three months. The time may vary depending on your use. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenibut.

You will face two major cons if you purchase the same over any other supplement. The first con is that it will take around two to four hours to see the result, which is on the slower side. It will help you to regulate the dose a bit ahead whenever you actually want it. One more concern is the price of Phenibut. It can cost more than an unbranded Phenibut from an online nootropics store. It also depends on the amount of your purchase at one time. You can save big cash by purchasing the generic raw component as compared to any SNS’s product. It is entirely your choice. Both these factor are important to consider.

Doses and Side Effects

It is vital to follow the rules of dosage before using it for avoiding negative side effects and having withdrawal signs. If you take this supplement in higher dosage, it can cause dangerous effects similar to those provided by many other anti-anxiety drugs. As SNS reported, the best method to take this supplement is to take one to two capsules one time in a day or twice. To get over from more severe signs of anxiety, you may need to take three to four capsules at a time.

You must avoid taking more than 2,000 mg of this supplement or four capsules within 20 hours. SNS also alert people that they must start with lower dose of Phenibut and discover the effects on their body and mind. It is also vital to stay away from taking this supplement for more than five days without any break. We recommend taking longer breaks of five days.

After taking Phenibut XT, users can start feeling the effects within two hours. While some people said that it took a lot of time to get its effects, others reported that they got effects quickly. Phenibut XT’s half life is just about five hours so you need to regulate your dosage so that you do not get excess of this supplement in your body at one time.

The correct dose of Phenibut for users depends upon some important factors like age of users, health and many other factors. Natural products are sometimes unpredictable and you must notice your experience. You must follow the guidelines of dosage according to the manufacturers or you can talk to your doctor before using it

Tolerance, Addiction and Withdrawal

There is huge risk of getting addiction of Phenibut XT if you regularly use it for long times. It will also cause withdrawal symptoms if you do not decide your dose carefully and help your body to relax. Using excess of Phenibut at one time is also dangerous and can cause severe overdose symptoms much like drinking excess of alcohol. It is recommended to use lower dose at starting in order to assess the tolerance level and avoiding overdose. One more method is to use this supplement just once or twice in a week to keep the tolerance level on the lower side. You can get best result of SNS Phenibut if you use it carefully and just as much as required to treat anxiety.


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