Negative Side Effects of Piracetam and How to Minimize Them

piracetam side effects

Piracetam is among the most popular of the racetam and nootropic supplements. It has been the subject of significant study and scrutiny and has been found to be safe. Even so, there are still a number of potential side effects, including weight gain, nervousness and headaches, though many users report experiencing no side effects. Click here to buy Piracetam online.

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Piracetam Headaches

Headaches are the most often reported side effect of Piracetam, affecting less than one in ten users. For most people, headaches are fairly mild and temporary, only lasting a week or two. However, for a few users the headaches were severe enough that they stopped taking the supplement.

It is thought that the headaches occur as a result of the increased amounts of acetylcholine. As more acetylcholine floods the brain, the receptors get used to the higher levels of the chemical and become desensitized. For new Piracetam users, there are a couple of options to deal with the headaches. The first option, especially for mild headaches, is to wait to see if it resolves itself, as usually happens. If that doesn’t work, or for more serious headaches, reduce the dose or consider stopping the supplements. You can also try adding a choline supplement to your Piracetam. Sometimes taking a supplement that converts to acetylcholine to stimulate the receptors that have been desensitized can help.

How to Stop Headaches

Some of the best choline products include Citicoline, Alpha GPC and Centrophenoxine. If you started out stacking Piracetam with a choline supplement, this could be causing or exacerbating headaches. Consider dropping it and seeing if that helps. In these situations, the body is already producing enough choline and the extra is overloading the receptors. The best solutions in these cases is to drop the choline and try the Piracetam alone.

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Anxiety or Restlessness

Piracetam affects the receptors that react to several important neurotransmitters, including acetylcholine and dopamine, both known to influence mood and movement. In some people, the body may have trouble adapting to the increase in these chemicals. In most people, Piracetam alleviates nervousness, but in some it actually increases anxiety.

If you experience nervousness, shakiness or anxiety on Piracetam, decreasing your dose will usually help. If that doesn’t work, consider stopping the drug, using it in cycles or talking to your doctor about other options. If you are using Piracetam as part of a stack, you might also consider whether any of the other supplements may be contributing to the problem.


A few people report feeling overly drowsy when taking Piracetam. This is the flip side of the effects of nervousness experienced by some other users. Like nervousness, reducing the dose should reduce drowsiness. If not, consider stopping the use of the drug.

Weight gain:

Very rarely, Piracetam will cause users to suddenly gain weight. It is unclear why this happens, but it is not thought to be dangerous. Perhaps the way Piracetam influences the neurotransmitters that control movement triggers the body to store more fat. If you notice weight gain while taking Piracetam, be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and reduce your intake of sugar. You might also consider reducing your dose for a couple of weeks as well.

Additional Piracetam Side Effects

Bottom line, if you are experiencing side effects, you can try reducing the dose or even taking a break from it for a while. Try again after a couple of weeks and see if side effects return. Sometimes giving the body a chance to adjust to the chemicals will help stop side effects. If symptoms don’t ease up, or if side effects are severe, consider talking to a doctor. While the side effects of Piracetam can be bothersome for some people, they are not generally considered dangerous. Read User Reviews of Piracetam here.

Do Not Use Piracetam with Alcohol

Some of the best nootropics do not work very well with alcohol – whether you are drinking beer, wine or liquor. If you are a piracetam user than there is no reason why you should be concerned. Up until now, there is no evidence to prove that it is dangerous to use piracetam with alcohol. If you understand how piracetam works then it will also help you to tell if it is dangerous to mix it with alcohol. With all this being said there are some dangers if you use piracetam with alcohol.So in this article below we will provide you with information and tips on how to stay protected.

Piracetam Side Effects with Alcohol

When you combine high volumes of alcohol to your piracetam there might be certain problems. If combined piracetam with alcohol then the brain won’t function properly. There are many people who reported that they get drunk faster when they have piracetam in their bodies.

The high volumes of alcohol in the body will enhance the GABA receptor, which cause memory loss and other problems. Due to the fact that the piracetam has little to no effect on the GABA receptor, dangers might occur. With all this being said it is proved that it is the alcohol itself that causes problems rather than the combination of alcohol with piracetam. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Piracetam.

Possible Dangers

When a user of piracetam takes a low dosage of alcohol, there will be fewer problems that will occur. In many cases the alcohol inhibits NDMA glutamate receptors, but the function of piracetam is to activate the receptor. If you use a very low volume of alcohol combined with piracetam then it is actually quite safe.

Like we said before each person is different and there might be potential side effects that we must yet come to learn of. There has not yet been any research done on the dangers that combined piracetam and alcohol intake has on users. It is therefore not recommended that you take these two things together, but if you make sure that you start with very small baby steps. After all it will be in your best interest to protect yourself.


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