The Legal Status Of Adrafinil In the UK


Many prospective users living in the United Kingdom wonder if they can legally purchase and use Adrafinil in the country. The first thing you need to understand is what Adrafinil is. It’s a Modafinil-like drug that’s utilized to stimulate an increase in mental energy and an alert state.

While it was first crated to treat people who have narcolepsy, it began to be used extensively by people who suffered with daytime tiredness or who worked odd hours or shifts. It provides users a certain kind of mental stimulation that’s different from other psycho-stimulants such as caffeine and amphetamines. This is why Adrafinil is so popular in the UK.


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How does it work? It stimulates the central nervous system without the common stimulant side effects like anxiousness, irritability and nervousness. It also has a positive effect on energy, motivation, mood and reaction time.

The drug does have some side effects that can range from mild to serious. The more serious side effect is the increase of liver enzymes, which can happen with use of aspirin or Tylenol. If you have plans to use the drug for an extended period of time, you and your doctor should work together to keep an eye on your liver enzymes levels.

If your doctor finds a noticeable rise in these levels, it’s best to discontinue use and listen to the advice of your doctor.


People who are not familiar with the United Kingdom laws may be confused by what is and what is not legally allowed in regards to nootropics. In the U.K. both the National Health Service and Department of Health work in conjunction with multiple agencies that share responsibility for drug regulation.

Controlled drugs fall under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 with extra statutory measures being seen in the 2006 Health Act. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency also has a role in regulation of specific drugs.

In the United Kingdom, Adrafinil is not considered a controlled drug, which means it can be purchased without a prescription. But, it’s not been approved or regulated by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration agency. This certainly means a grey area for the drug – British residents can legally purchase the drug for their personal use without getting a doctor’s prescription. What does it mean by personal use? It means a supply for three months or less.


Buying the drug through an outside of the country source is permitted so long as it’s for personal use. It cannot be purchased for sale or commercialization. There have been reports that people have had their Adrafinil powders inspected and seized at the border. However, most folks have reported no issues with ordering the drug through international vendors.

Adrafinil was developed by a French pharmaceutical company called Lafon. However, after it produced Modafinil, it stopped the manufacturing of Adrafinil. Today, this drug is being created by multiple companies all around the world – in either capsule or powder form. Before you purchase Adrafinil from any company, do your research to learn who is the most trustworthy and reputable.


It’s recommended that users don’t exceed 300mg per capsule. New users are advised to start at the lowest dosage possible – 100mg – and increase their amount as the body gets used to the dosage. Bear in mind that it can have a negative effect on the liver, increasing the liver enzyme levels. Therefore, users should see their desired results at the lowest dosage they can.

The best way to use Adrafinil is on an irregular basis – as needed. For instance, if you need to study for an exam or have to work overnight, you can use the drug. However, if you plan on using the drug for an extended time period, make sure to have your doctor monitor your liver enzymes every couple of months.


There are currently no vendors for Adrafinil in the U.K. Therefore, the only way to purchase the drug is through the Internet. There are many Internet drug companies that offer the sale and shipment of Adrafinil to the U.K. What considerations should you take about the company you plan on buying from?

• Product quality
• Product price
• Rapid shipment

Look for Internet reviews, comparing them. These reviews should give you a realistic idea of the company’s actions and products. While it’s tempting to purchase your medication from a Chinese company, it may not be a good idea. China is still developing the drug and may not offer pure, safe Adrafinil. The best vendor choices are ones from the North American continent – U.S. and Canada – as they tend to deliver high-quality Adrafinil supplements.

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