Piracetam is a well-known nootropic used to improve cognitive ability and may be able to counteract the effects of oxygen deprivation in the cerebral cortex. This nootropic has been researched and studied extensively as opposed to its more recent offspring, Phenylpiracetam which was developed by adding a phenyl group to the Piracetam molecule, increasing the potency.

Many of us became aware of Phenylpiracetam when a Winter Olympian was forced to return her medal after being disqualified when she tested positive for it in her system. Phenylpiracetam was banned for athletes competing in the Olympics and other sporting events, due to its performance enhancing abilities as well as its reported ability to improve cognitive functions and physical stamina.


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Phenylpiracetam does not behave in the same manner as classic central nervous system (CNS) stimulants like amphetamines, eurogenics or xanthines. It does not act on neurotransmitters in the same manner. It is known to influence the levels in the brain of dopamine and noradrenalin, but with nowhere near the effective strength as the others.

There are some pervasive side effects to CNS stimulants including increased anxiety, agitation, irritability as well as an inability to relax and sit still. While these side effects may happen to some individuals taking phenylpiracetam, the chances of having these occur are much lower.

It does improve the user’s cognitive ability while increasing their alertness but the risks are much lower than the typical kinds of CNS stimulants.

Phenylpiracetam is similar to oxiracetam in being one of the more stimulating nootropics, so for those having problems staying focused then this is certainly a viable choice.PHENYLPIRACETAM VS. OTHER NOOTROPICS


As we discussed earlier, phenylpiracetam has a much higher potency than piracetam, its parent nootropic, although this may not be relevant because the dosages are so different. They’re very similar in their chemical structure but the difference is that if you increase the dosage of piracetam you will not achieve the same results as you do when taking the standard dose of phenylpiracetam.

Phenylpiracetam and piracetam both have a very similar half-life and both have nearly 100% bioavailability when they’re taken by mouth. What distinguishes phenylpiracetam is that it is a lot more effective than piracetam. It provides a lot more in terms of pharmacological effects but is much more effective in increasing concentration and improving reaction times than piracetam.


When you compare phenylpiracetam with noopept they’re both equally effective so it’s a personal decision as to which one works best with your body chemistry. They’re both nootropics but have different benefits for different individuals. The only way to find out which one offers you the benefits you’re looking for is to try them yourself.

There are those that say that noopept has 1000 times the potency as piracetam and a lot stronger than phenylpiracetam, you can’t go by this as the dosage varies so much. They just cannot be compared like this.

Most nootropics cannot be taken consistently without your body building up a tolerance. This is true with phenylpiracetam and noopept both to some degree. Because there is so little research comparing these supplements, it makes it difficult to come to hard and fast conclusions as to the build-up of tolerance. However the general consensus seems to be that phenylpiracetam has a much higher tolerance build-up than noopept.


Both phenylpiracetam and pramiracetam are fairly inexpensive which may be why they are becoming popular of late in the world of nootropics. When trying to compare them it’s very subjective as everyone has a different biochemistry and therefore does not experience things in the same way.

Although phenylpiracetam seems to be very effective in providing powerful results in many cases, there are some reported cases of it being ineffective and leaving the user mentally dull and feeling sluggish. Because there are discrepancies among reports it’s difficult to decipher these different reports. But what is known is that some people report an opposite effect than the one they expected.

Although reports are that phenylpiracetam has a much stronger tolerance build-up when it’s compared to other nootropics, this is contradicted by other users. It’s impossible to tell if the nootropic purchased is from someone disreputable with questionable purity. This could be the cause of the conflicting accounts on tolerance build-up. Some accounts report a build-up of tolerance in just a matter of days so there is a strong possibility that the phenylpiracetam these users are taking is not of good quality.

The results reported on pramiracetam seem to be a lot more consistent, probably because this nootropic has been in use much longer. It already has a good reputation in the nootropic community. Because phenylpiracetam is also becoming popular among those who use nootropics it is hoped that more manufacturers will be diligent when mixing the compound so that they’ll be relied on as a reputable supplier. If this happens there might be more good reviews of a higher quality phenylpiracetam.


We can’t say this enough, you have to try it yourself to discover how you react. If you decide to try both supplements you may see a distinct difference and be drawn to one over the other. Some people actually use both alternately in order to deal with the build-up of tolerance. The main thing is to purchase from a reputable supplier so that you get good quality supplements so that you can distinguish which one works better for you.

Do not forget that phenylpiracetam and pramiracetam are both advanced nootropics. It would behoove you to study up on acetylcholine and choline first so that you have the knowledge and understanding of their effects on brain chemistry. If you have any questions about the supplements discussed in this article or about racetams or ampakines overall, please contact us.

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