How To Take Noopept Powder Or Pills Sublingually


Similar to Piracetam and amino acid constituents that are in the brain, Noopept is a synthetic supplement that is a Racetam. Despite the similarities, Noopept is 1000 times stronger than Piracetam because it has a higher level of bioactivity.

As a result, you must be very cautious when it comes to your dosage amounts. Positive results will depend on whether or not you take the recommended dosage amount. How should you take Noopept for the best effects?


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Noopept is like other Racetams such as Aniracetam, which has a way to reduce anxiety. However, not everyone‘s feelings of anxiety will go away. If you need a solution for getting rid of anxiety or depression, then you should consider Aniracetam instead. Noopept also has the ability to stimulate dopamine, Ach receptor sites and serotonin receptors.

There are plenty of studies that prove that Noopept might end up being a good way to treat Alzheimer’s and other cognitive conditions. However, there really isn’t that much information on how this affects humans since most of the studies were done in Russia. When tested on rats, the NGF increased, which suggests that Noopept might be a good way to fix bad cells and receptor sites. These are the kinds of things that are associated with Alzheimer’s.


Most countries use Noopept as a nootropic. It is easy for many people to get this supplement, but may not be as affordable as other nootropics. Most of those who take this supplement see a big difference in their cognitive abilities. Doctors also like to use Noopept to decrease neurological disease symptoms.

Studies show and people say that Noopept can enhance your memory, improve your ability to learn and even help you to pull things out of your memory much faster. It works for the long term, which is different from Piracetam, which is only for short term use of memory recall. Noopept is also neuroprotective. It may be able to hinder brain damage that results from oxidative stress and apoptosis.


Noopept is believed to boost NGF and BDNF levels. NGF helps to grow and maintain particular kinds of neurons. BDNF helps to keep neurons healthy and helps to grow specialized neurons and synapses. It is because of NGF and BDNF that scientists think that Noopept may be able to help conditions such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This research is the number one reason why scientists think that the effects of Noopept will last for a while, even after you stop taking it.

It is believed that Noopept will help in other ways as well. For instance, it can help with connecting both sides of the brain in terms of neuronal communication. It can also help with memory recall and even how you think about things. Noopept also helps to rid the brain of poisons and extra calcium because it has anti-oxidant properties. It can also reverse brain damage that affects your cognitive abilities.


The normal dosage of Noopept should be somewhere between 10 to 40 mg, which is taken three times daily. Start with a low amount and increase the dosage gradually. Some people won’t increase the dosage because lower amounts are quite powerful. But, others might have to take a larger dose in order to feel the desired effect. Due to the fact that Noopept has an effect on the brain’s blood flow and enhances your alertness, you really should not take it after a certain time of the day if you want to sleep peacefully during the night.

The best way to take Noopept is as a sublingual dosage. This means you place the powder under your tongue and allow it to absorb directly into your blood stream, rather than swallowing and digesting it. Some people even recommend that you cycle this supplement so that it really packs a punch, but there is no evidence to prove that taking this action really works. Noopept has cumulative effects, which means that it improves over time if you take it consistently.


These recommended dosage amounts are for when Noopept is not combined with any other drug or supplement. However, some people choose to stack it with other nootropics such as Alpha GPC, Citicoline, Piracetam, Adrafinil and Pramiracetam. Do your research before doing a stack. This means that you will probably have to take lower dosage amounts, but make sure that you confirm this first. Some people are able to take larger amounts of Noopept successfully. But, this is something that is very harmful and should not be done.

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